Tuesday, August 5, 2008

beach day...

It seemed like a good idea to take the grandkids to the beach on B.C. Day...everyone else seemed to think Harrison Lake would be the perfect spot to be as well!

Thankfully we got an early start...found a parking place...and had a grand time digging in the sand and playing in the water before the masses arrived.

There was not a dull moment...it was a challenge to keep my eyes on three bodies that were in perpetual motion.
Before leaving the beach, we made the mandatory stop for ice-cream cones...is it possible to go to Harrison and not have ice-cream?

One would think they would have had enough sunshine and water for one day...but no sooner we were back at my place, than they were wondering if they could use the Slip 'n Slide.

Why not?

It proved to be almost more fun than the beach...and was definitely easier to supervise! I'm quite capable of dishing up cones as well...so maybe we'll just stay at Grammy's house next time.

But then again...there is nothing quite like Harrison Lake!


  1. Harrison lake is a beautiful place Judy, especially with little ones playing in the sand...the slip and slide looks like fun! Grandparenting is the best :)

  2. Sounds like a fun day! We used to have a slip and slide for our g'kids when they were little.
    Can hardly wait for Thursday..

  3. sounds like it was a great day.
    i haven't been to harrison as a kid. i barely remember it.
    look forward to thursday as well...woohoo.

  4. oh i just read yesterday's post, so check yesterday's comments on the fire magic...:-). and it isn't a joke i know how to get that kind of fire with out that product.

  5. Ah. . .the wonderful lazy days of summer. . I think that is why grandkids were invinted. . so grammies had an excuse to kick back and enjoy the fun with the kids with a new perspective of . . the work can wait.

  6. We've learned too, that sometimes with those little ones, there's nothing as safe and relaxing at your own home.Like you said, slip N slide or water on the tramp.
    Plus you don't have to cope with the Geese....

  7. It sure looks odd to see a beach scene with a snow-capped mountain in the background. Bet the grands had a great day!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson