Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going for the Gold!

And where have I been these past five days? Why in 'friendly Manitoba' once again! This time I was 'going for the gold'...my uncle and aunt were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and I wouldn't want to miss out on the festivities. So with the help of West Jet and Airmiles...a quick trip back to friendly Manitoba was made possible.

The sunflowers were now ready to put on a show...

...and the golden fields of grain were awaiting harvest.

The slogan 'friendly Manitoba' is seen everywhere...and with good reason. The people truly are friendly! We took part in Winnipeg's Folklorama on the night we arrived...

...and spent a wonderful evening with our local hosts, Betty and Charlotte and their spouses. Until now I knew these two gals only by name...and as co-contributors to our on-line cookbook...now I know them as friends. We throughly enjoyed both our fellowship and the fabulous entertainment at the three pavilions we visited.

The rest of our time in Manitoba was spent in the outlying areas. Once again we stayed two nights at our favorite country B&B...which happens to be on a lovely farm in the Carberry area and belongs to my sister and her husband (Kathy & Jim). We travelled with them to the Dauphin area to join in Uncle Dave and Aunt Justina's golden wedding anniversary celebrations...

...together with extended family from B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Iowa, and Florida. It was a wonderful time...and I'll be back to tell you more tomorrow.

Yesterday's flight home was pleasant...as were the views upon our descent. We can actually pick out our farm in the snapshot above.

Mount Baker looks somewhat different from the West Jet window than from my usual vantage point below.

We had a wonderful time...'going for the gold'...but it's always good to be home!


  1. Welcome home Judy! Yes it was so fun to meet you in person and now as you said 'we are friends'.
    Glad you got to see those happy 'sunflower faces' on this visit! What an appropriate quote..'going for gold'
    It's raining here..and it's so welcome!

  2. Yea! You are back again.
    Looks like the 50's wedding couple look so young.
    It's always a blessing to celebrate with family and friends those milestones.
    And meeting those blogger friends, what a bonus.

  3. Going for the gold. That is definitely one of our goals. We will the at #38 next month.

    How cool that you were able to pick out your farm from overhead. I just love those aerial views during take-off and descent.

  4. ah .. so glad you had such a good time. The photo of the sunflowers was wonderful.
    Loved the photo of the bloggy women too. Hi girls. .
    Oh and the golden wedding bride. . loved her dress. Even golden weddings have changed over the years haven't they?
    So, glad you are home safe and sound. .

  5. Judy...I love celebrations with family and friends...looks like a very special time for all..Great sunflower shot...
    Everytime I come by your place I get to poking around that cookbook...makes me hungry and makes me want to cook...:)...BTW..I love the sweet little photos of the children on your sidebar..

  6. Oh Judy...so glad you are back safe and sound...but I had already heard what a good time you had there with our two Manitoba gals.

    Thanks again for the 'today' CD. I am a singing and harmonizing all the way to work and back now! GRIN!

  7. Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by. I see you've been doing lots of traveling lately. You take the most wonderful photos!

  8. Welcome home Judy! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration. Your Aunt & Uncle look so young to be celebrating 50 years of marriage -- congratulations to them!

    Beautiful views of such majestic mountains and how fun is that to be able to see your place from the plane?

    Hugs, Pat

  9. Such a fine reason to be returning to Manitoba. Happy Anniversary to your aunt and uncle!

    And to meet blogging buddies and cookbook contributors, too...what fun!

    Love the photo of Mount Baker. You still live in beautiful country.

    If you frame the grands' art, I'd love to see their faces when they see it for the first time. Won't they be delighted?!

  10. I am glad that you are home safe and sound. I am so greatful that we had a chance to meet. Strangers, yet not really. Now we are friends. Sounds like you had a great time!!! Enjoy the day!

  11. Going for the gold!! Wow, congradulations!!! I have a sweet bloggy friend in Manitoba, she lives in Swan Valley... what a great adventure!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson