Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a grand camping trip!

If you don't find camping that exciting...try taking some grandchildren along! We have been taking Emme and Spencer camping every summer since they were wee little...they came complete with diapers, bottles and soothers the first time. I'm not sure what we were thinking!

They quite look forward to the annual camping trip...and with only one week left until school begins, it finally happened.
Their favorite spot to go is the Lynden KOA...it's close to home and there's no place quite like it! Funny thing...we used to go there with our kids when they were young. Their dad has great memories of riding his BMX bike on the track...paddling about on the paddle boats...and swimming in the pool.
This year the girls loved riding their bikes around the campground. And they no longer needed floaties in the pool...although they still insisted Grammy come in the water with them. She had sort of planned to sit on the sidelines with all the other grammies and moms...but no way!

One of their first stops upon arrival was to check out the playground...and try a little synchronized swinging.

They had a fun time at the playground...and made fast friends with a little girl named Maizie. They had a fit of giggles as they recalled that Grandpa thought Maizie was a boy...Grandpa will have a hard time living that one down!

Playing a round of mini-golf is part of the routine. This year they actually knew what they were doing...and stuck with the game to the last hole!

Just as we were about to eat dinner, Spencer informed me that she had a loose tooth. She thought maybe I could pull it out...I thought maybe she could wait until she was home and mommy could pull it out. After a little negotiating...Grammy pulled out the tooth. It was swift and painless...and she never shed a tear! Eating corn on the cob with all those spaces proved to be somewhat of a challenge however. We left the tooth fairy a note...asking that she not come for the tooth until Spencer was back home, since she really wanted to show Mommy her tooth. The tooth fairy complied...and Spencer took her tooth home for show-and-tell.
If there's a campfire...Emme will be nearby. She loves nothing better than burning things...anything will do! Her marshmallows usually go up in flames...and she's OK with that.
On Saturday we drove out to the ocean...and spent the afternoon beachcombing at Birch Bay. We had fish and chips at a seaside cafe...collected buckets full of shells...and poked at crabs, jelly fish and a snake.

The girls heard the ice-cream truck from afar...

...and talked Grandpa into buying them some ice-cream treats.

Soon we were on our way home.

The annual camping trip was far too short...there was no time for paddle boats...and why didn't we hike in the forest this year? Hmmm...I guess we'll have to go again next year!

And next year, there'll be no leaving Ryder behind. He sobbed his little heart out when he got left behind...and told Mommy he was having a 'bad day' many times while his sisters were away.

He was a quite pleased with his consolation prize, however...he got to go to Dinotown with cousin Ranen. His troubles were forgotten for a time!

If you want to add magic to a camping trip to the KOA...take some enthusiasm along (in the form of two six-year-olds). It was a fun time...just a little too short.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all, glad to hear it was fun.

  2. what special memories these darling ones will have of you and elmer. you are passing on quite a legacy my friend. you are an inspiration.

  3. Well Judy, if you didn't have fun, I see a few others who had a blast, lol! Wish I could have been there, looks like there was enough fun to go round!

  4. A fun time for sure..g'kids sure are special! It takes a lot of energy but so worth it, right?

  5. Judy, reading this post is like looking into what I hope my future looks like. I loved having the grandkids visit this year and next year when they are not so dependent on their mommy for food .. . we'll take them and run to the nearest campsite. My mom and dad so enjoyed taking our boys in their campervan to the koa by dinotown .. .fun memories.
    Your little grandbabies are just so fun ..

  6. It does sound delightful! No wonder the girls love it so. I'm sure that doting grandparents are a whole lot of fun! (Odd to say that my own grandmother is doting on me yet...she took my beloved and me out for a wonderful supper last night.)

    Oh, as for your comment about how I should get John to take photos so I can romp, too...he was busy doing dishes. Gotta love that guy!

  7. Summer is too quickly gone.
    It's so wonderful that the weather changed so you could still make that last camping trip with your little ones. Next week school start again..

  8. Hi Judy,
    How special to go camping with your precious little granddaughters. I love the loose tooth story and the picture with the corn on the cob is priceless.

    We did enjoy your Mexican Potato Casserole last night. Thanks for the recipe.

    Also, a very clever title for your post this time.

  9. Ah, Judy, your grandchildren are so cute and I agree there is nothing like the little ones to make even the most common trip a fun adventure! Glad you got to make some nice memories with your grand daughters!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. It does sound like fun. I adore that snaggletooth grin.

    Did you know that the tooth fairy is male? I didn't, but I have learned. He makes an appearance in The Santa Clause movie with Tim Allen, and he left a signed photo of himself when my grandson lost his first tooth.

    I can't believe I spent almost my entire life thinking the tooth fairy was female. I have to wonder if it damaged me?! ;-)

  11. I would imagine you guys had the most fun. Even though I am not a big fan of the camping it probably is lots better in a camper instead of tents. I probably could get used to a camper. Those girls are adorable. I know they had fun and you are giving them such great memories. I would like the idea that the KOA isn't too far from home either. You have so much fun!

  12. Aww what wonderful photo's Judy!!! Looks like your grandkids had the best time with you guys. They will remember these outings for years to come and will look back on all those great memories you made for them.

    That's one of the best looking KOA's I've ever seen, wow, I would go there and hang out in a heart beat!!!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us...

  13. Dad has always been a sucker for the ice cream truck.

    I'm laughing at Ryder's "bad days." He was over last night and I'd periodically say "Mmm, you're so cute!" To which he'd INVARIABLY reply, "who? me?" and then look all pleased. What a heart melter.

  14. oh! So cute! I love all the stories (Ryder's bad day, etc) - so funny! That KOA has seen a lot of us kids over the years. It was also a favorite of mine :)

  15. It was really a grand camping trip….. very enjoying.


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