Monday, August 4, 2008

we're celebrating 150 years over here!

I'm up early today...on this our province's 150th birthday. I even caught the sunrise this morning...and noticed the layer of white fog hanging around the valley...and the thick blanket of dew out there. It's beginning to feel a wee bit like fall...summer always slips away far too quickly.

There have been a lot of celebrations throughout the province this honour of B.C.'s 150th anniversary. Here's a bit of history...

In 1849, the colony of Vancouver Island was established with Victoria as its capital. On Aug. 2, 1858, the English Parliament expanded that to the mainland with "An Act to Provide for the Government of British Columbia". It's a great province...and a wonderful place to live!

We had our own little celebration with friends last night...

...not so much about our province's birthday...but more about friendship, and summertime, and roasting hot dogs and smores on an open fire.

There's nothing quite like visiting around a fire...and watching the dancing purple, green and blue flames! We were quite intrigued by the colourful bonfire we sat around while in Manitoba a few weeks back, and discovered a product called 'Campfire FX' which produces the most colourful flames. We brought back a few packages to sample...and are quite enjoying the campfires, which put on a brilliant display for up to 30 minutes.

Today I'm opting to spend the day at the beach with three enthusiastic children...while back on the farm the guys are mowing hay. Have a wonderful holiday Monday...wherever you are!


  1. Judy....Happy Holiday...gorgeous captured that just right :) BC does look like a wonderful place to live...

  2. Judy. . beautiful sunrise indeed. I also have noted the crisp air and have moaned that it is too soon to feel it. We might have short summers here but they are wonderful.
    Have a great time at the beach .. and that FX fire booster. . is it available in BC or did you buy it on your holiday?

  3. Happy holiday!! I hope you enjoy the celebration!
    I envy those words "it's beginning to feel a wee bit like fall..."
    We still have a couple of months of Southwestern summer left! It'll be well into October before I can say those words! : )
    Have a great day!

  4. Have a wonderful day.
    Don't get caught up in traffic.
    I recognize some of those wonderful friends.
    I thought about the same thing last night. It's cooling down.

  5. Congratulations of 150 years.

    I think you made the best choice for how to spend your Monday.

  6. Hope that your beach day was fantastic! I imagine that I'll be catching up with that in a day or so.

    Hmmmm, interesting sounding product for the flames...I'll have to be on the look-out for that here.

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful province!

  7. being from mb, i do have the sevret that you could create yourself......but if you wanna know you have to email me and send $100 for the formula....:-D
    my dad is the inventor of that...or at least as a kid, i always thought he was....:-D


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson