Thursday, August 28, 2008

peck o' peppers...

It's time to harvest those peppers...around here they are harvested year-round, since we live in the greenhouse capital of the province and there are roadside stands with peppers on every country block.

I noticed a wonderful looking recipe for Mexican Stuffed Peppers on the Mennonite Girls Recipe Blog...and thought I would give it a try. So I went down the road to the nearest pepper stand...and came home with a brightly coloured 'peck o' peppers' (whatever that is).

When hubby discovered his favorite stuffed peppers were going to be of the Mexican variety this time, he thought that was too much of a departure from tradition...and requested the same old stuffed peppers he had always known and enjoyed. So I'm sure the Mexican ones are great...but we won't know this time around.

Mine were stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, rice, grated onion, grated potato, tomato soup, salt and pepper...and baked in tomato sauce.

I baked six for supper and froze the rest for the another day.

And I have mentioned these potatoes before, but since they are a favorite, I will pass along the recipe for Crash Potatoes once again (thanks to Vee for introducing me to these some months ago). They go well with BBQ'd meats, but last night we had them with stuffed peppers...and I actually used some of those fresh herbs from my garden. And (for the record)...Tim and Heidi came for dinner, so we had help eating that pan full of potatoes!

It looks like it will be another 'in day' today...summer seems a distant memory.

Check back tomorrow afternoon...if you've left me a comment this week, you may just be receiving a small memento from 'My Front Porch' in the mail.


  1. Another rainy morning. I'm not even able to get my walk in.
    Isn't that a great place to pick up peppers. We love them and they are also good BBQ.
    Enjoy the rain.

  2. Hi Judy,
    Those peppers look so colorful and delicious. It has been years since I made stuffed peppers. You have just given me a good idea for another dinner. The potatoes also look delish.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Those peppers are gorgeous! I've never thought of making stuffed peppers using all those wonderful colored peppers. Of course, crash potatoes are pretty anytime!

  4. oh your baked peppers look wonderful too. I love them both ways. I haven't yet made those potatoes, thanks for the reminder to try them. We are starting to need a reminder of the good things to try on our blog.
    I haven't walked yet, I went to breakfast at ABC instead...

  5. The peppers look so good. i can smell that through the screen. The filling is like 'Porcupines'....which are meatballs made with almost that exact filling and baked in tomatoe soup. no need to pre cook the rice as it calls for minute rice.(Served over mashed potatoes)I have bought from that stand too. Kathy

  6. Your right, Kathy...the filling is like 'porcupines'...I use uncooked Minute Rice. And I baked them for almost two hours.

  7. Wow! Those peppers are gorgeous! My peppers were in a kind of funk this summer and didn't produce that well. What did grow were delicious, though! Love your blog and photos! You're such an inspiration!

    Kristina in Nebraska

  8. Those peppers looks so pretty - all the vibrant colors.

    I haven't had stuffed peppers in years. Yours look delicious.

  9. Those peppers look so good! Now I have decided what I will make for dinner next week. Thank you.

  10. You have the best looking food. I must find out more about those potatoes. You guys must have had such a delicious supper. Yummy!

  11. The peppers look great. I will have to make them sometime soon.

  12. mmm, I've been thinking I need to try and make these one day...SO GOOD!

  13. I love stuffed is hard to try a new recipe when you already have a good one and esp if hubby asks right?? My peppers in the garden are ready for the many great vegetables ready so I better start cooking.
    And yes 'crash potatoes' are a hit at our house too.
    Sun is shining but a nip of Autumn is in the air and I'm so loving this weather!

  14. I'm comin' to your house and raiding the freezer! LOL! Such great looking peppers! I'm with your husband...stuffed peppers are the best.
    Have a great weekend.



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