Tuesday, August 19, 2008

grey days of summer...

We know that the skies won't always be blue...and the sun will not always shine...and on occasion the rain will fall...even in the summertime. The last few days have been grey...rather dreary...and we have had an occasional shower. Somehow the weather seems appropriate this week!

Yesterday I ushered at a funeral at our church...for someone who passed away very suddenly. He was in his seventies and had lived a good life...but farewells are never easy for those who are left behind.

Today I am off to help cater at the reception of another funeral. It is the funeral of a young man who lost his life tragically in a head-on traffic accident last weekend. He leaves to mourn a wife who is still in hospital with serious injuries, two teenagers, and a three-year old child. The driver of the other vehicle is being buried today as well. It is an incredibly sad story...and has touched so many lives in this community.

Another local family lost their 17 year-old daughter to the fast flowing Chilliwack River last week...when the tube she was floating on capsized. Several days ago, another young woman drowned as a result of a rafting accident on the same river.

We are reminded that life is fragile...grey skies can come even in the summertime!


  1. Ture my friend...
    This has been a week of all weeks in many years for us.
    The young girl was from our church.
    Four funerals...Hm...Reminders of life.
    We sure need to know our priorities because we don't know when it's our appointed time with the Maker.

  2. the grey skies seem quite appropriate for all the saddness in your community as of late. my prayers go out to these families.

  3. I am sorry your community is going through so much. I will mention all of you in my prayers.

  4. So sorry to hear about these people passing! Sometimes there is no explanation why bad things happen, but like marg said, it reminds us to get our priorities straight and be ready for our own calling.

  5. What sad stories! There are so many tragic happenings in our world. The accident that was a possible murder-suicide is so incredibly sad. I pray for everyone involved. I often wonder if the families of the person responsible feel guilt too. There is so much evil. I will keep you in my prayers as so many things like this in a row does have a tendency to bring us down. Just remember we have our Savior and He Lives!

  6. We are experiencing some of that rainy weather here too today. Actually is very welcomed, we've been very hot and dry this past week, so all this moisture is an answer to prayer.

    How very sad to hear about all these tragedy's. My My Judy...bless your heart for helping out with the catering and for having such a servant's heart!

  7. Oh my! So much sadness to be contained in a week's time. I'm saying a little prayer now that there'll be comfort even in the midst of it all. (Judy, you have such a faithful and sensitive spirit.)


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