Thursday, August 14, 2008

celebrating my firstborn...

Thirty-five years ago was a day that changed my life forever! I became a mother for the first a son who was born hungry...and had a loud cry that couldn't be ignored. We had a name ready for his arrival...and it suited him just fine. Kristopher Paul became the centre of my universe...a happy baby and soon an entertaining toddler.

Here we were on his first birthday...looking far too young to be parents! Did we really know what we were doing? Immediately after his first birthday, we took him on a road trip to Manitoba (it seems we've driven that road a few times over the years).

It was here, on the farm that still belonged to his grandparents at that time, that Kris took his first steps. He spoke sentences...and soon was a storyteller extraordinaire. He loved books...and music...and bikes...and competition (although not so much if he was on the losing end!). He was an extrovert...and always found someone to talk to. He worked on the farm right from young...and was never afraid of hard work.

He was off to school before long...where he excelled. He enjoyed studying so much...that he stayed in school for 22 years. How the years have flown by!

Last night we had a family party to celebrate the birthday of my firstborn.

It seems like only yesterday he was that little boy, and now in his place stands a man...

...a husband...a father...but always my son!

Time brings many changes, but the love of a mother for her son goes on forever.


  1. Way to go!
    How quickly the years fly by and you'll wear him in your heart forever.
    What a perfect night for a party.

  2. I've been thinking this week of the special day today for my first nephew! It doesn't seem all that long ago but you (and he!) looked a lot younger then. I hope you all enjoyed a great party!

  3. Looks like a gorgeous evening to celebrate an event such as that. And fun as well. Happy Birthday Kris. Vern and Martha.

  4. happy birthday Kris...
    I love that first picture of you and both still have that great smile and haven't aged a bit..:-)
    It must have been so nice to take all those family trips to manitoba. I look at our family pictures of trips to b.c. and wish we could visit more often than we do now. I also meant to comment on the fact that you saw your old family homestead when you were here last.....isn't it good to see that? I had the privelage of goin to Ukraine with me aunt in 2001 and also say our old family homestead....a real treasure to have experienced that. I was born here but good to see where my parents came from. Enjoy your day!

  5. Oh, I so agree. I adore my son, and he is 32 now. I have a picture of him in a similar outfit with the little red kerchief.

    Happy Birthday to your Kristopher.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Kris...time flies when you aren't looking and children want the car keys way before they should be able to fit feet to pedal...congratulations on rearing a fine son...

  7. Aww, what a wonderful post honouring your son on his b'day. Happy Birthday!! Wow you do look young on that pic and what a head full of hair your hubby has..hehe. I must scrounge up a pic of my hubby. Looks like that too!
    Family b'days are so fun to celebrate,our daughter's 40th b'day is coming up next week so celebrations will be in order.

  8. Happy birthday to Kris! You are so right about a mother's love for her son.

    My baby will be 30 in February. Where did the years go?

  9. Love photo with those happy faces standing with your first born..what a treasure. A darling baby boy and now a fine handsome are most blessed. Happy Birthday to Kristopher Paul

  10. Loved seeing those "too young to be parents" faces! Obviously, you both did a splendid job!

    Beautiful tribute to your boy.

  11. What a very sweet tribute to your first born, Kris. Happy Birthday to him... I love the photo of you and your husband and Kris, you guys were young, wow! Good photo!

    I've been catching up on your recent posts Judy. My goodness what beautiful places you've been, all those mountain photo's, and the animals, just stunning.

    I appreciate how you guys travel, I can relate so much....

    Happy Friday tomorrow!

  12. Happy Birthday to Kris. Time does fly but our babies will always be our babies, even when they are grown. Thank you for sharing your family memories with us! ~Kathy


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson