Friday, August 15, 2008

Cancer...that dreaded word!

It has touched all our lives...some more than others. I lost my mom to cancer...and my grandfather...two aunts...two uncles...and a cousin. Others in my family have had the disease and won...for now. My friend is in the midst of radiation treatments as we speak. The impact of cancer is huge...but also limited! I have a fridge magnet that reminds me of this.

Cancer is so limited... cannot cripple love cannot shatter hope cannot corrode faith cannot eat away at peace cannot destroy confidence cannot kill friendship cannot shut out memories cannot reduce eternal life cannot quench the spirit cannot lesson the power of the resurrection!

On the July 1st weekend we met with extended family in Oliver for the weekend. A daughter-in-law of our cousin was not able to join us, as she was hospitalized for an infection that weekend. As it turned out, the 'infection' was a rapidly growing cancer. Six weeks later, she has gone on to her eternal home. Tomorrow the Westnidge family will be 'laying to rest' a wonderful lady who was part of their family for such a short time. They are hurting deeply, but know first-hand the limitations of cancer...Melissa has experienced the power of the resurrection.

Our thought and prayers are with the family!


  1. Judy, that was a lovely post. Cancer affects so many families. I hope that family will have peace. It was good to meet you again yesterday evening. Dairymary

  2. So sorry to hear about this loss in your extened family, Judy. I know she is safe in Jesus' arms.
    Hugs, Pat

  3. are a powerhouse of faith ... a blessing to your freinds and family to have you close by for comfort. Amen...cancer is limited and cannot lesson the power of the resurrection!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this encouraging is so very true that cancer is limited in all these ways. My prayers are with the family as they deal with this sudden and unexpected loss and grief.

  5. It's so difficult to leave our loved ones go. And Oh, so fast.
    I think it's the challenges that keep us connected to each other as we humbly bow and recognize our Creator and his purpose for Mankind

  6. A brief struggle; a great victory. I pray cancer will meet it's demise soon; research has made such strides that I can't help but think we may be the last generation to have to be wary of this beast.

  7. I rapidly felt the chills going over my body as I read this. Unfortunately, this is a topic close to home for so many of us.

    I will pray for this family. So, so tragic.

    I pray daily for a cure for all types of cancer. It is a vicious foe.

  8. You are a wonderful encourager, Judy. One who plays down the scary side of this disease while also acknowledging it. I am sorry that one so young has left her earthly home and those who remain grieving. Some day we'll know the whys. Until then, may your cousin's family feel the Lord very close to them in this grieving season.

  9. Hi Judy, I'm so glad I could finally "meet" you yesterday and even make a connection through our daughters!
    We've been watching the effects of cancer in our brother-in-law for some time now too. While we long for victory here on earth, we have the assurance of it for eternity. That is our comfort.

  10. judy what a wonderful post!
    yes cancer is very scary, what is scary for most is the suffering!
    i am greatful that this young woman did not suffer long. my thoughts and prayers are with the family....thank God we have and eternal hope!

  11. This thing called "cancer" has touched all of us somehow, someway. My Mom passed away at 62 with cancer. Our family was robbed, she was so young to leave us. She knew the Lord, and our comfort and security is knowing she's with our heavenly Father and is whole once again. Someday we shall all be together again in Glory!!!!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this family...such a hard time. So glad they have you in their lives.

    Blessings to you Judy...

  12. Judy...having lost several friends recently to cancer I can so relate to this post. Praying for the family that lost their loved one....sounds like it was so quick and the hurt will be so new for them.

    Take care...singing 'to the river' all the way to Tofino this morning...thanks

  13. A lovely post from a lovely lady...Judy we are thinking about you and your extended family and prayers go out for them and you...knowing that this lovely young person is now in Heaven may be cold comfort, but it will warm with time...hugs


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson