Tuesday, December 2, 2008

all decked out...

All this decorating takes a whole lot of time...so I have to draw the line somewhere. Although having icicles and garlands on all the outside evergreens would be a nice touch...I was not about to start on the great outdoors.
But yesterday morning, I noticed our trees up front were nicely decked out with no help from me!

We have a few spiders here in the Fraser Valley...and they have done a fine job of decorating the trees...and the shrubs...even the house. It seems I had other uncalled for help yesterday as well. Where once four strands of outdoor lights twinkled along the rail fence and arbour....only a few odd bulbs were left glowing last night. Very strange! The lights were still all there, but someone had spent a great deal of time loosening close to one hundred bulbs. And all this while we were home! Ranen is arriving today...for a short vacation at Grammy's place. Who knows what we will find to do over the next few days? I'm sure it will be fun and games!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Oh I do like the look of the spider decorations. . .they do it up so intricate. So . .having your grandgirlie over. . .that can only mean that the other three will catch wind of the visitor and won't be far behind. .
    oh and let us know when you discover who the culprit of the loose bulbs is. .. .someone sure thinks they are funny.

  2. Those spiders do wonderful work! We watched our Eastern Spruce for over an hour this morning as it twinkled in the early morning light. Never a better Christmas tree anywhere.

    One hundred loosened bulbs? How strange!

    Have good fun with Ranen. I know that you'll find many ways to keep her amused and knowing how special she is. Is there anything more wonderful than Grammy's house? I think not!

  3. those spider webs really are a work of art, i do agree.
    have great fun with ranen, how special to have a holiday with his grandparents!

    i agree with the lovella, someone surely thought it was funny, can ranen reach that high.....smirk. probably not, but by the looks of the size of your house that must be a lot of bulbs, and you were home? strange.

  4. Those sparkling spider webs really do add a nice touch!
    Loosening those bulbs right 'under your nose' so to speak..a mystery indeed!
    Have fun with your g'daughter, Judy!

  5. I don't normally like spider webs, but when they show up like that with dew or frost on them . . . they are actually beautiful to look at. Good photography.

  6. Judy...God's decorating helpers...who can top that?!

  7. Very pretty picture! Isn't it amazing how intricate they can design? I'll bet your decorations are neat.

  8. In the olden days I would of definitely thought about unscrewing the bulbs....
    But now, who has the time....
    That's why we're young only once...
    Have a wonderful time with Ranen.
    Great pictures.

  9. I love your front door and your outdoors :]

    I think I actually have the recipe for those buns...a lot of work, but amazing.

    Faspa...I want to be invited...lucky Pastor!

  10. One would think the faries had beenout decorating the trees for you.
    That certainly is a most amazing sunset.
    Have a wonderful time with your granddaughter Judi. Aren't they fun.

  11. Hi Judy

    The spider webs are so pretty! They are nature's ornaments for sure.

    I'm glad the bulb loosener didn't steal or break those bulbs --hmmmm--wonder why someone would do that?


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson