Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the year that was...

We blinked and it was gone! That's it for the year 2008 (well, almost)...but the memories live on. Here's a quick photo review of 'the year that was' over in my corner.
January ~ A little snow cleaned things up outside...and indoors we also had things deep-cleaned following some major smoke damage!
February ~ Great memories of a family reunion with all my siblings at Birch Bay.
March ~ Easter, pansies, paska...spring is in the air!

April ~ Our little visitor from heaven came...and went...and lives on in our hearts forever.

May ~ There was hay to cut...there were crops to plant...and always, there are cows to milk!

June ~ Father's Day weekend with family at the cabin at Shuswap.

July ~ Travels to Manitoba to witness Gillian's beautiful outdoor wedding. 

August ~ A grand camping trip to the KOA and Birch Bay.


September ~ Celebrating the birth of Magdelyn Anne on September 29.


October ~ Guess who's 30?

November ~ Travels to San Diego, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree Park.

December ~ Celebrating Christmas with our special little people! Much has happened in 'the year that was' is a good thing to pause and look back on occasion! As the sun sets on 2008, I would like to say thanks to all the friends and family who have been with me on the journey...and to Him who has been faithful....and from Whom all blessings flow.


  1. First of all, what a great year you had. Secondly, thank you for the poem you left on Kara and Kijsa's blog. I lost my mother this year and it made me feel much better. I will be back often to visit you.

  2. Oh it was a wonderful year, even the wee visitor who left so soon is celebrating, I know. I just loved seeing all your photos again and this last Christmas one is so special!

  3. what a beautiful re-cap of your year and what a year it was. Thankyou for sharing it with all of us....your life is a great testament of faith, hope and trust and I am so thankful for God placing you in my life.

  4. Judy .. . I enjoyed your recap so much .. .your pictures were gorgeous and I once again saw your heart .. .throught it all. .
    Have a very happy last day of 2008.

  5. Thank you for taking us through your year! It was wonderful being reminded of some of the fun and Blessings the year brought your way. Have a great New Year's celebration!

  6. A year of blessings, indeed. Your photos are beautiful. It's been lovely getting to 'know' you a little, and to be inspired by some of your blogs. I wish you and your family all the best in 09.

  7. It's been special to be able to have joined your path sometime late in this past year. What beautiful overview of 2008 you put together! Wishing you blessings for 2009!

  8. Thanks for sharing. As I looked through your pictures, I could feel the emotions...someitimes happiness and sometimes sadness as in April.
    May you be blessed with peace and joy in the New Year.
    And who knows where this will take us. Thanks for your friendship.

  9. Hi Judy!
    It was good to catch up with you today -- we are a little sad to be home and far away from our bundle of joy but I'll be back to see him soon :-)

    What a wonderful post this is, and such a beautiful reflection on your year filled with all the joys and sorrows that life can bring.
    As it says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

    I hope 2009 bring many new joys and blessing to you and your family!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. Judy, I want to thank you for sharing the beauty that is your life with all of us.

    I wish you a year filled with God's continued blessings and joy.

  11. Oh was a year worth reviewing, rejoicing over, and remembering. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and pictures and moments you share from your life and your corner of the world.

    More sharing, please, in the blessed New Year that God gives us.

  12. What a beautiful retrospective look back on the year in words and pictures!

    A blessed 2009 to you and your family!

  13. What a blessed year you have had. All those grandchildren...a heritage from the Lord, and His reward. Psalms 127:3

  14. What a wonderful way to reflect on the previous year. Do you scrapbook?! The picture of your church is spectacular.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson