Wednesday, December 3, 2008

silicone bakeware...yes!

It's not like I was out looking for new bakeware...I just happened to be at Canadian Tire one day and noticed all their silicone bakeware was fifty percent off. My loaf pans had definitely done their I decided I would try the silicone ones. And while I was at it...I bought a few sizes of cake pans and a bunch of the mini-loaf pans!

Over the last few months, I have been using the loaf pans for bread. Although they apparently do not need to be greased...I am just a tad reluctant to take a have been spraying them lightly with Pam. They clean up beautifully!

Today was the annual fruitcake baking day at my house...and for the first time they were baked in silicone pans. They will always be baked in silicone pans from now on! They baked evenly...and came out of the pans easily. I made up two larger loaves and six mini's...which will be perfect for wrapping up as gifts. There actually are a few people who appreciate a gift of fruitcake!

If you are interested in the is called Jewelled Fruitcake and I posted it last year.

The loaves are properly wrapped...and are hiding in a cool spot where hubby won't get at them.

My plans for the day are mostly to read books and play...a bit of outside time would be nice. Yes, the grandgirlie and I are having fun!


  1. You have had far greater success with the silicone bakeware than I. Must be the brand. Mine are awful...I have a couple of loaf pans and a bundt pan...all in blue. Do you suppose color makes a difference? ;>

    Yay for fun and outdoor fun, too. Ranen will be delighted!

  2. The jewelled fruitcake looks good. I have not come across Silicone pans Judy. They may be there but not seen them.
    I too find it hard to trust non stick bake ware and end up greasing anyhow.

  3. I've been wary of those silicone pans but if you say they work Judy then I believe you!
    I remember that fruitcake recipe from last year..maybe you should post that on MGCC??
    Have fun with your g'daughter, they grow up so fast!

  4. I have a loaf of your fabulous jewelled fruit cake still in the freezer which we will very soon be sampling. . .
    Thank you so much for the product review, I have looked at those so so so many times and have kept walking unsure if they are any good. . .Now, I'll not hesitate anymore and pick them up when I see them on sale. It does look like they baked your loaves just perfect.
    Have a lot of fun with your grandgirlie. . .I'll be doing the same today.

  5. They look awesome.
    Yea to Silicone bake ware, although I have to admit I have not baked fruit cake in 25 years. YIKES

  6. I bought a few pieces of silicone bakeware this year too, and love them! Cupcakes just roll out of the cups - too easy.
    I had a lovely time catching up on your posts - loved the description of the faspa and your memory of halva. My parents also bought it by the big square, silvery tin with the camel and Arabic writing. My mum used those pans later for cake-baking.......and I'd be surprised if there weren't still a couple in her kitchen.

  7. Hilarious! I was reading about your silicone bakeware and thinking "In one generation - from halvah pans to silicone!". Then I went to the comments and see that "Pondside" has something very much in common with us! Now that you have done the consumer testing maybe I'll be brave and try RED silicone as well.

  8. I just bought the cupcake silacone cups so I'm hoping I'll ahve the same luck with them that you had Judy! I was tired of buying the little papers to but in the muffin tins when I amde cupcakesa nd I hope the silacone molds will pop out the cakes in one piece.

    Your fruitcake looks delicious! I am a fritcake fan -- especially if it is home made. I will look at your recipe--thanks!
    I made pumpkin breads last night but I forgot to take photos so I can't blog about them this time. I don't know how I could have fogotten but I guess my mind is preoccupied a little these days!
    Hugs, Pat

  9. this looks like a good attition to your faspa table...;-)
    i agree faspa is more work than a turkey dinner if it was done the way my mom did it. i love that tradition though.
    i think it was you that i asked about the silicon wear since i noticed it on a precious picture. i am glad that it works well, i am just a little reluctant, in a few years they may say it is unsafe......when they are trying to market something new probably.

  10. Your fruitcakes look delicious. I have never tried silicone bakeware, but it's nice to know it worked well for you.

    Have fun with your granddaughter.

  11. You have truly made me hungry. Yummy. I have tagged you. Please drop on by.

  12. We have never tried the silicone pans...but what you are baking looks wonderful!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  13. Your fruitcake looks delicious....I remember the recipe from last year. Looks like I need to invest in some silicone bakeware! Who would have thought such a thing would ever be created. we would have said they were crazy, 10 or 20 or 30 years ago!


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