Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Parcels and packages...

While my Christmas cards were waiting to be mailed...and my homemade gifts still needed making...a few Christmas packages arrived at 'My Front Porch'.
    A neighbour showed up at the door last week with a basket of homemade preserves...zucchini relish, grape jelly, apple butter, tropical jam....and more. We are going to enjoy the fruit of her labours! Then the mailman arrived with...

...a Tim Horton's coffee break from one of our suppliers. Normally we would get a calendar...this year it was a tin of homemade cookies, a small package of Tim's coffee along with a TH gift certificate. I brewed up a pot of coffee and sent it out to the barn...along with the cookies...for the guys to enjoy. The gift card fit nicely into my wallet...and if I meet you there, we'll have a coffee together. Next came a parcel from Switzerland. Yumm! It didn't say 'do not open until Christmas'...

  ...so we opened. You will notice a few of the tasty Lindt chocolates are already missing...but we will do our best to save some to share with the rest of the family next week! Our Swiss friends are so generous at Christmas...and always. All these parcels had me a little anxious about all my good intentions. Every year we pick names among us sisters...and the tradition is to gift something homemade. Parcels were arriving...a homemade gift (from my sister Kathy) sat under my tree...and I still had made nothing. Well...today my 'partly homemade' gift is on it's way. The cards have been mailed...the shopping is done. I'm ready...or maybe a little baking would be nice!


  1. It's getting to be crunch time, isn't it? Oh it's a wonderful way to know that we're alive at the very least. Forget Timmy's, I want to sit down under your tree and have a nice Lindt chocolate. Yummy! Or...I could happily enjoy a bagel with some of your homemade jams. :D

    Have a terrific day, Judy!

  2. You are doing good. I have finished decorating, but I haven't even started my cards. Yikes! I need to get busy. Most of my shopping is completed.

    I have no idea how many Santa ornaments are on the tree. It takes us about four hours to decorate it, but it turns into an all day project with lots of interruptions.

  3. It seems that Christmas is rushing towards us as we scramble to get things done. In actual fact, I've now decided that if it's not done, I probably won't be doing it, and I'll just enjoy what I manage to accomplish. :) Those chocolates sure looked good, and the next time I'm in your valley I'll meet you at Tim's for a coffee!

  4. Good for you Judy!

    Those are such nice gifts to receive, especially the homemade preserves!

    I always bake many different types of Christmas cookies to give to my family and friends along with their gifts as I am the only one who likes to bake. I cut back a little this year as I will be visiting the baby when he finally arrives, but I'm still making some favorite cookies to bring with me :-)

    I'm also waiting for baby to be born so I can use his photo as my Christmas card, so he is making me tardy in that area too!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. It's fun to receive things through the mail. That was my experience yesterday.
    Looks like you have a good handle on all your Christmas ideas and there will be many people filled with happiness as they receive the things you have made.

  6. Parcels are so much fun! I never knew they would become such a big part of my life.

  7. Good job on getting your sisters package in the mail. I surely hope no one is expecting a gift from my labours this year. . .cause I got nothing. . nada. . nuscht.
    Which makes me look at the nice little box of Christmas cards just waiting to be cracked open. . i'll get to it as soon as I have a moment. . .and I have no blogs to read.

  8. How lovely to receive such nice presents. Such a shame there were some chocolates missing!!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson