Monday, December 22, 2008

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

For ten years, the Canadian Pacific Holiday train has passed through a community near you...and you may not have even known about it! Friends told us what a neat thing CP had we circled December 19 on the calendar and decided to see for ourselves this year. What we didn't know was that it would be unbearably cold on that date...but we went through with our plans nonetheless!

We arrived at the railroad tracks in Agassiz, just before the train pulled into the station... it is quite a spectacular sight as it travels through countryside in the dark of night. The brightly lit engine and cars have been decorated by CP volunteers ...and the purpose of the train is to encourage the spirit of giving, as volunteers collect contributions of food and money to benefit local food pantries.


The three spectators we had with us were quite taken by it all! We weren't the only ones that braved the cold...a large crowd was gathered...waiting for something special to happen.

  Suddenly the 'stage coach' opened...and Santa Claus and his band appeared on stage. Ryder was quite impressed...he had no idea Santa sang 'rock 'n roll'!

Santa's performance was followed by a half hour show featuring several of Canada's top country performers...and it was all good...except for the cold!

  Santa came over and chatted...and before the train departed for the next station, we were off in search of our car...and a little warmth...and the grands thought there might be a nice place to have a bite to eat nearby.

The CP Holiday Train 2008 has completed it's mission...but if you get a chance to see it next's worth the effort!

On Saturday night we went with friends to see Handel's Messiah being performed...what a wonderful evening it was! From the frigid temperatures and the blowing the festivities we had a chance to be part of this truly felt like Christmas.


  1. Well that certainly sounds like a lot of fun! I'm one of those who'd never heard of this event. My parents arrived on Saturday, by train, from the east. They love that trip and make it every year - usually flying back after Easter. This year they arrived in the storm, but we were able to get to town to pick them up - it's a big trip with three days on the train, then the bus, then the ferry, then the bus............

  2. Judy, you cannot imagine how this post excited me. My grandfather was an engineer for the CPR (he died before I was born) so several years ago while doing some research on the CPR, I learned about the Christmas train gathering food for food banks. I got very excited. The CPR official site has many wonderful of my favorites is of the train crossing Hell's Gate Bridge in NYC. Wow! I just Googled it and found it right here...

    I got so passionate about it that I made my dear friend, Lum, in Manitoba go see it last year and she sent me a CD of the music just to shut me up. LOL! I only wish that it came close enough to my home to go see it. I would be so thrilled.

    Thanks to you and your family for braving the cold to see it.

  3. Judy . .you do just the funnest things .. .I love your spirit of adventure and your desire to heap loads of fun on your grands. .
    a few more years and we'll be standing in the cold to .. .maybe even next year.
    Thanks .. .and next year, give us the heads up before hand.

  4. Judy....i echo the thoughts you sure know how to have fun....
    i wonder if that train was in the praries...probably, i just wasn't aware of it.

  5. Yes, how do you find out about these things? Sounds like fun, even in the cold!

  6. That's something I would like to catch next year. It' makes it so real and visual for the kids.
    Maybe next year all the MGCC will bring their grand kids...Ya Hoo!!
    That would be a party.

  7. Those sweet little faces look so cold. You're a good grandma to take them for such a treat.

    Stay warm. Happy Holidays!

    I don't have a room for Christmas decorations, but I do have a large walk-in closet repurposed just for that.

  8. I just looked at the photo's of the girls birthdays....they are great, really exciting to chat to another Grandma of twin girls. Our arrive tomorrow night and we can't wait!

  9. Oh, that's so COOL.....a holiday train! I've never heard of such a thing, but what a grand idea, and am glad you were able to go see it! Your trio of bundled-up buddies are adorable!

  10. Yes. . next year the MGCC grands. . .and then a stop for hot chocolate. . sounds perfect.

  11. Hi Judy
    It was nice to have you stop by!
    What a lovely evening you had with the train. I would have loved to have seen it in the dark it must just look spectacular as it rides along with all those lights...the show you saw looked and sounded wonderful.

    Its so nice to share those special times with friends and family. It sounds like it really put you into the true spirit of Christmas.

    I wish for you a lovely holiday season...a beautiful Christmas..and all the best for 2009.


  12. My cousin and his wife were privileged to get invited to take the Christmas train on it's annual trip. Before that I hadn't even known about it. They said it was so much fun. When did it pass through- what time of day? I'd love to see it next year. I bet your "Grands" loved it. Ours love the trains that pass behind our house and hear the train whistle long before we do.


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