Tuesday, December 16, 2008

look what the wind blew in!

We have been in a deep freeze here for the past few days...the coldest weather for this date in over forty years. It's the winds that have made it crazy cold...especially for the 25,000 homes in the valley that have been without power in the last day or two.

The door bell rang...and I opened the front door long enough to let the neighbour in...only to notice that she would have had a very hard time getting to the front door. The 'bentwood' wheelbarrow that had been some twenty feet away...was now blocking the front door. Very welcoming indeed! The wind has a way of re-positioning things.

I ran a few errands in the afternoon...and drove roads strewn with branches. I noticed park benches overturned...and even restroom facilities where there had not been any before.

I'm wondering if someone is missing their outhouse! The ponds and ditches have turned to ice...


...and even the 'rivers' are starting to freeze over. And in my garden...where last week Ryder and I still ate raspberries...


...there are a few lonely berries left braving the cold...and the leaves are gone with the wind. I'm not from the prairie...and that's OK. A few days of this cold weather...and I've about had enough.

Keep warm!


  1. Oh my Judy that is quite the wind and cold weather that swept through. You won't care to know how cold it is here..Brrr is all I can say!
    Wow..you were still eating raspberries last week??

  2. Brrrrr, it's making me cold just to imagine that howling, fiercely cold wind. Stay warm...start baking!

  3. Cold is relative - here where I live a lot of our patients cancelled their appointments for today because it's "cold" - in the 40's fahrenheit. But before the front came in yesterday it was nearer our normal 80 degrees. Even so, I'm with you, Judy - a few days of that freezing northeast blast and it's time for a return to the normal Fraser Valley weather. Guess you won't be seeing many roses blooming this Christmas so the poinsettias will be even brighter.

  4. Yesterday morning right after my alarm went off at 7:30 there was such a blast that it felt like the whole house shook! And I was thinking of walking? The right decision was made, because who knows where I would have landed! It was kind of nice to have the power go out at just the right time, so I finally had no excuse not to wrap gifts.

  5. Brrr! I don't think God made me to be where it is very cold. He put me in the south for a reason. ;-)

  6. Brrrr.... it looks so cold! My son said Denver was very cold and snowy the past few days, too. I'm glad they were able to come home with the baby early.
    I like Vee's idea -- a cold day calls for a hot oven to bake something in!

  7. That looks so chilly! Imagine the wheelbarrow rushing up to your door!

  8. I'm with you regarding the cold, Judy! I say that if I'd wanted this cold weather I'd have moved to the Prairies, not the Island. We've had awful weather here too, with more predicted for tonight and tomorrow.
    It's lucky that it was just a wheelbarrow that blew onto your porch and not the outhouse!

  9. I love that last picture. It says so much. I love your flying wheelbarrel. It's only December.Isn't there lots of winter and cold weather to go? I would rather have cold than hot. You can always bundle up, but you can only get so naked. :) Raspberries....I thought they would have been gone. Take care.

  10. Brrr, it makes me cold just to hear about it. I hope things warm up and settle down soon.

  11. well since you are not used to the misery of cold prarie weather, i feel for you...let me tell you that you definately don't want to be here in the praries now.....brrr is right betty.
    stay in and stay warm!

  12. Oh my Judy, I hope you didn't suffer any lasting damage...but I guess we know that when Old Man Winter blows in, he's in for the long haul! Hope your powers on and the house is warm! Thinking of you dear friend, thinking warm thoughts!

  13. Gorgeous photos! I need to get around more and see the beautiful winter sights in other places. Amazing that you still had raspberries on the vine a week before the cold moved in.

    Oh, bad deal for all the folks without power in such frigid weather. We've been in a deep cold snap here, too, and now the snow is piling up.

    Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  14. Judy .. .glad you had power long enough to go out. . .I couldn't go out to document the wind. ..but I'm glad you did. I'll count on this blog for my historical record.


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