Friday, December 5, 2008

work in progress...done!

It seems like I have a long list of things that need doing...and not many items are being ticked off these days. But there is one thing that has been on that list for over two years...and I am so glad that it is finally done!

This afghan has been a marathon of sorts...I posted the long story last December. It is now finished and has a spot on the great room couch!

For the past few years it lay in full view in a basket...the theory was that if I saw it there, I would be inspired to complete the job I had begun. The reality was that it blended right in to the decor...and I rarely gave it a second thought. However, I took it along on our recent road trip...and actually completed what I had begun so long ago!

I'm so glad to have that off my hands...and someone else is quite happy to have his own blankee.

Now...back to the rest of the items on the list!


  1. Elmer looks so perfect lying there beneath his blankie. You did a wonderful job, Judy! It looks so soft and warm and it perfectly complements the sofa, too, well, it complements the man on the sofa also. Great job!

    Love your new cheery and bright and cozy!

  2. Oh how nice! I have one of those 'to do' blankees of sorts. Well, it is sort of a 'to finish' one as well. It is a cotton crochet lace bedspread intended for someone special who is no longer with us to enjoy it. Sigh...perhaps I should pull it out and finish it...these older arthritic hands are not so nimble as they were when I began it years ago....Love your looks so beautiful...lovely fireplace there Judy and your Even the one lying on the couch!

  3. Terry this morning is appreciating that Elmer has to be on a blog now and then too. ..
    the blankee looks just cozy as can be and he had better hold it close, cause I can image Ryder wanting a cozy blankee like Grampie has. . .
    Your fireplace mantle is so gorgeous. . .thanks for the peek of that too ..

  4. Isn't it wonderful to tick off the list. I tick it off and it grows another 6 inches.
    Funny how we all need our blankies.

  5. Good for you, Judy. I know what a relief it must be for you to have finished. And, everyone needs their very own blankie.

    I love the color blends.

  6. I love your lighted mantle banner --very festive!

    The afgan is so pretty and I'm glad you didn't get the tennis elbow (ouch!) back while finishing it. I did something similar to my shoulder shoveling snow one year --I shovled my house and then went over to my Mom's to do hers and while I was at it I did both of her elderly neighbors -- and the next day I couldn't move my shoulder! It hurt for almost a year and I learned the lesson thta I am not as young as I was!

    I'm glad Elmer can relax under a soft and warm blanket now -- and I hope you get to enjoy it too!

    Have a good weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Judy..that is one gorgeous afghan! I love the colors. Lucky Elmer!
    Love your festive header!

  8. Congratulations on finishing that afghan - it looks like just the thing for cuddling into on a chilly night. I had to laugh at the thought of a work in progress languishing in plain sight for nearly a year, because that could have been written about me and the way that I organize works in progress! I've almost finished Declan's stocking - only two rows left and then I can post a photo.

  9. It seems like several of us bloggers are completing some long over due projects.

    Congratulations, job well done!

  10. I love the blankee....and it's funny but we call our afghans blankees, too! It looks very plush and beautiful!

  11. This is a gorgeous project. Looks like your honey is appreciating it. Don't you love getting some of the 'to-do's checked off? Your couch is also so nice. It looks like you have such a warm house. I love your banner. I'll bet your grandchildren are getting excited. Have a great week, Judy!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson