Thursday, December 4, 2008

through the eyes of children...

For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.
~ Charles Dickens

We have been taking our grandchildren to 'Dickens Christmas Village' for the past few years. It is an old-fashioned place that transports us back to another era...a rather proper British establishment that serves high tea and draws tour groups from the big city (mostly the blue-haired crowd). But every year year in December they open their animated Christmas village and welcome tots as well as seniors! Yesterday we took Ryder and Ranen for the second time.

The real Santa was not able to be there yesterday...but they were quite thrilled with his substitute.

Ryder could have spent most of the time just watching the trains going around the tracks...

...while Ranen talked Grandpa into feeding more quarters into the 'horsies'. I think those same horses rode on nickels 'back in the day'!

Once they had seen enough of this Christmas wonderland, we decided to go for lunch. We didn't think the 'high tea crowd' would be too impressed with our we moved down the street to Uncle Donald's (as Ranen calls it).

If you happened to be there...I apologize for the noise that came from our corner. How two small people can have such loud voices is a mystery! Ryder decided his cousin was even too loud for him at one point...and thought he might just shut her mouth for a bit. What fun!

Ranen's vacation at Grammy's house is coming to an end sometime today. She has been most well-behaved!

And she will be leaving here a squeaky clean girl...between several bubblebaths and lots of time spent playing with bubbles in the sink, I can vouch for that!

How special to have grandkids in our help us see things from a totally different perspective.

Have a great day...


  1. Oh Judy. . .I think that looks like such fun. . .my day was spent at knee level yesterday and doing lots and lots of lifts. . .Terry remarked that this new job should be quite helpful in my quest to get in better shape. . and I think he is right. .another benefit of grands.

  2. I can hear them! Squealing with delight I think.

    Probably the substitute Santa was far more welcome than you might suppose. The living one can be so frightening when one is little. All that Ho-ho-ho-ing!

    Ryder and Ranen are such beautiful grands. Glad that you had the fun of taking them on this adventure.

    My mother and I are taking Sam to see a Miniature train show set up in a Victorian Christmas home this Saturday. I'm kind of trepidatious as he loves trains so and I'm afraid that he'll jump the fence. LOL!

  3. What would we do if we couldn't have play days. How cute.
    Today I'm off with our little ones doing all sorts of things.
    A ride in Opa's new truck....
    Cut down the biggest tree.

    Let's play forever.

  4. Oh, it's fun reading about your play dates! Your grandkinds are very cute!

  5. that just looks like too much fun.
    i don't even know if we have a special santa villafe in the peg any has bee so long!

  6. man I have some cute first-cousins-once-removed (or whatever they are to me)! That's hilarious Ranen calls it Uncle Donalds!!

  7. The memories the children make for us are the best of all. Lovely babies!

  8. What darling children! They look like they are having a blast! Cuties.

  9. We are blessed! I don't take it for granted for one minute that my grandchild lives close to me!

    Your grands are adorable, thanks for sharing your fun with them!

  10. What a unique season and so much fun. We will clean our boots and put them in front of the door tonight. The german Nikolaus will fill them with goodies.
    Greetings Marc, Pierre and Ute

  11. I enjoyed seeing thsi post very much Judy! Chuldren do bring so much joy to the simple things of life. I like the name "Uncle Donalds"! :-)

    Ranen is a lucky girl to have such a special week at Grammy's house!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson