Monday, December 8, 2008

winter rain...

Rain...great for putting out fires...not so good for our annual Santa Parade. We all made the best of it...umbrella's decked out in Christmas lights look quite festive!

Our city hosts an annual 'parade of lights and sounds' on the first Saturday night of December. It holds much more appeal when one has grandkids who are most enthused about it...and so we have made it an annual family outing. Last year was very cold (by west coast standards), but Saturday promised to be wet...

...and it was! We went early to get front row seats...and were soaked before the parade even began. The hot chocolate helped keep us warm for awhile...and no amount of 'cold & wet' could dampen the enthusiasm of the kids. And who was this kind fireman...handing out candy canes? was my nephew Eric! From fighting fires to working the parade...he had a busy weekend. Forty firefighters from five firehalls spent a good part of Friday battling a blaze a Unifeed...the only feed mill in our town. It seems there was extensive damage to a dryer...but with the aid of the firefighters, a good sprinkler system (and maybe even the rain?) the mill will be back in operation before long. The parade was excellent...maybe a tad long for standing in the rain. At long last, Santa rode his sleigh through town...and we could all go home, where it was warm and dry!

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. I thought of you on Saturday evening when we left the lil' farm hands house to go home to our house .. .where it was warm and dry. It won't be long before we battle the elements just because we love those grands so much. We are thinking of that little train ride in your town. . .that the lil farm hand would already enjoy.

  2. Oh I've heard those feed mill fires can be so dangerous. Glad that all went well for your very handsome nephew.

    I love that you don't allow a little rain to dampen your holiday enthusiasm. Your family does such a wonderful job of creating memories!

  3. What we don't do for our g'children right Judy? I remember those that mine are grown up there are other wonderful things! Those memories will linger on no matter what the weather was.

  4. I thought of you also in the rain. I think I was last minute shopping in Safeway. We could of met for a dry Starbucks coffee.

  5. You certainly had a wet time. I'll bet the kids loved it though. I would have loved to have a hot cup of coffee with you, my friend.


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