Monday, December 29, 2008

snow going!

After several weeks of extreme cold...and huge amounts of snow last week...we have returned to our normal west coast temperatures and our snow will be going fast! Unlike those of you who live in colder weather zones...we experience the spring thaw several times each year. So before our snow has all washed out to sea...I'll leave with you a few 'boxing weekend' memories.
This was the view of our neighbour's place on Boxing Day...rather serene, but the mountain backdrop seems to be missing!

Just for fun...I'll stick in the same view on a typical spring morning. That's the picture I see first thing when I roll over in the morning...a changing landscape with each season.

I went for a few snow walks over the last few days...

...and found a few critters down the road that were feeling snowbound...and came to the fence to socialize a little.
By yesterday the thermometer showed 5 degrees Celsius...and all main roads were bare and wet. We had a wedding reception in the big city in the afternoon...and thought it would be 'smooth sailing'. Mapquest told us we would arrive at the designated place in 1 hour 28 minutes...but we left three hours before the event was to begin. That would give us plenty of time to make a few stops...and a have quick bite to eat. Not fifteen minutes from home...we met a roadblock!

For over an hour we enjoyed the views from the Trans Canada Highway...

...views that we usually sail by! We listened to 'praise' music...though we never felt much like praising...and we wondered where all those other people were going on a Sunday afternoon...and hoping they never had flights to catch.

We watched snow plows...and we watched our watches...and we knew we would not have time for lunch! A semi truck accident on the Vedder Canal bridge had shut the freeway down for several hours on Saturday...a truck had gone through the railings and into the river below. Yesterday one lane was open to traffic...but that was not quite sufficient! Eventually we got past the bridge and arrived at our destination just as the event was about to just under three hours. Here's a reminder for the can never leave too soon to arrive in Vancouver at the appointed hour...there are a few bridges to cross!

The holidays are a great time to get together with friends...and play games...and finish up all those holiday goodies you have on hand.

We had some friends over on Saturday night...and had a fun time playing Apples to Apples. I left the Christmas baking in the freezer and tried out a new recipe that I found over at In a Garden a few weeks back. Cranberry Bliss Bars are a Starbucks holiday favorite......and I posted my version of their recipe on the MGCC on-line cookbook, if you are interested.
It's Monday...still the get out there and enjoy the week!


  1. Ah. . .perhaps you saw a horse in the back of a truck sailing by you in the opposite direction clipping along at great speeds towards the lil' farm hands house. . .He was tied down. . .no worries.
    We couldn't believe the lineup of traffic, and took the paralell road home but we wouldn't have had to. . the traffice was sailing along nicely. .
    Glad you made it in time, thought barely.

  2. That traffic does not look fun. But, I enjoyed seeing your snowy pictures. What a beautiful view you wake up to - with or without snow.

    The cranberry bars look delicious.

  3. Judy, your view takes my breath away no matter the season. You live in a beautiful location.

    I can't even begin to fathom all of that glorious snow. We had twenty-two inches here once since we moved here, and I just loved it. But, it sure becomes nasty when it begins to fade.

  4. Hahahaha...appreciate the honesty of the listening to praise music while not much feeling like praising. But oh the views! Hope that you made it to the wedding on time.

    Even our snow is going and the grass beneath is green...very. It's 45° F here today...odd.

    Look for an email answering your question as soon as I can round up the info.

  5. Oh Judy, your views are gorgeous, those mountains are amazing, reminds me of MT, which btw I'm missing so very much these days. I know it's cold there and snowy, but that's why we like it there. And seeing your snow photo's makes me homesick...pout.

    Glad to hear you finally made it to the wedding reception though...that traffic, my goodness. Sounds like you two had the right spirit about it all.

    Enjoy your glorious snow and your New Year celebrations...

  6. Oh friend was trying to get home via Greyhound in that traffic...and had to re-route...what a terrible accident! Great shots, great writing there...oh...and yummy recipe to boot!

  7. Sounds like you had some trying times. Next time use your, Map Quest, GPS and one extra hint....
    turn on the Road report 1130 CKWX.
    You can log onto your computer and away you go.....To many things to remember.
    Desert was delicious. Maybe you should bake for Starbucks.

  8. Your photos from the traffic jam are beautiful - as are the two-season photos of the view from your window.
    I'll have to add those cranberry bars to my must-try list!

  9. Your pictures are spectacular!! To have that mountain looming in the background of your view that's a blessing. I'm glad you made it to your event in time. Thanks for the reminder to not only always have the camera handy but to look for God in every situation...He is there.

  10. I am enjoying your beautiful snow photos. So glad you made it safely to the event - at least you had something pretty to look at as far as scenery goes while you were in bumper to bumper traffic....much more pleasant than the 405 at rush hour here!

    I played Apples to Apples for the first time at the retreat in November - it was a lot of fun.

    Looks like I'll have to give that Cranberry Bliss Bar a try. I'm in the mood for something sweet.

    Have a blessed New Year!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson