Wednesday, December 17, 2008

out with the old...

In with the new! I'm not all that fond of change...rather preferring to do things the way they have always been. But on occasion...we are forced to chart a new course. For me that meant joining a new gym...without ever planning to. A few years back, I enrolled in a basic fitness class called 'No Sweat'. Having to give up jogging because of lower back issues, I decided to join a friend at the class she was so enjoying. The friend moved on...I'm still heading out to my class several times a week. I can't say I look forward to it...but it always feels good once the session is over! In order to take the class, I joined the gym..which happened to be in a rather old facility. It rains here on occasion...and when it did, there were buckets strategically placed to catch the drips. We worked around them...and we had fun despite the dampness. Several weeks ago, we were informed that the gym was closing it's doors on December 15th...and our memberships were being transferred to a new location, along with the 'No Sweat' class. A brand new facility...just nearing completion! Well, I didn't really like it. 'The Pumphouse' doesn't exactly sound like my kind of place...but this week, I went for my inaugural visit. I think I may just be able to adapt. And I'm still in good company! We posed for a group photo after a final class at the leaky-roof-gym...a little sad that the familiar was about to change...

...but knowing that most of us would meet again at the new facility. So it may not be the New Year, but I've already turned a page. We'll see how it goes!

And guess what else is new today? We have snow...and it sounds like it may be around for awhile.

Enjoy the day...


  1. Goodness....I'm first up this morning to post a comment!
    One if the things that I really believe is that change is good for us (everything in moderation, thought!). I grow through change - never thought I'd be blogging or 'meeting' new friends using this technology that I resented for so long.
    I like your attitude toward this change - it'll be a mini-adventure, with some new people, perhaps a few new routines and a fitness regime that has me a little envious!

  2. Now, honey, when your membership is upgraded to a new facility and you're going to miss the drips, I worry about you! LOL! Glad that you and your buddies will have new digs to work out in.

    Yay for pretty snow that might make it to Christmas??? Hope so! Perhaps even a fresh batch every few days...just a dusting don'tcha know.

  3. Good for you Judy ... well done on keeping it up.
    I would nearly suppose that would call for new runners and maybe a chic little workout outfit to match.

  4. Well Judy, I sure wish we could rather walk together than go to the Pumphouse. I agree...I think the name is so funny.
    Change is inevitable, but the results that your are finding are incredible.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Wonder if maybe the new facility will offer new kinds of Zumba and Belly Dancing?

    Don't laugh; I signed up for those classes at my DD insistance and boy oh boy do they every pull things together for the good. I miss them, and now my tummy has go to the "bowl full of jelly" mode. Rats!

  6. Judy,

    I get set in my ways too on occasion. I hope you enjoy the new setting. Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. You are very clever to do all your exercising and working out. I'm very impressed. I need to get some kind of exercise program going for 2009. I'm making some good decisions about food and have lost some weight, now I need to move my bod around.

  8. Judy, thank you so much for your kind comment on the loss of our darling pet. We are so sad but it was the best thing.

    I can understand why you hate the thought of changing where you go to exercise. I hope all goes well.


  9. My husband and I belong to a gym too, Judy, and we have been bad about going lately. I keep hurting myself no matter how easy I take it. My joints are very stiff and easily get hurt. Walking outside seems the best for me, but my husband doesn't get to walk that much (desk job) so I wanted to motivate him too! I hope we can pick it up again soon. Keep up the good work at the new facilities!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson