Wednesday, July 15, 2009

and in the garden...

We are mid-way through the gardening season already...and things are looking mighty different than they were just a few short months ago.

For the past few years...I've used a lot of coleus in pots here and there...

...and so enjoy the showy leaves. They are fast growers...

...and in a month are cascading from their pots.

A border of dayliles (Little Grapette) are putting on their last show right now. Pretty as they are...they are not the dwarf plant I was envisioning...and have no room to bloom where they were planted.

We planted a wee apple tree last year...

...and I am so looking forward to the first harvest...coming soon!

We'll have a little of this...and a little of that to sample...

...since there are five varieties on this one little tree.

The thornless blackberries are loaded...and will be ready to pick about the time we leave on vacation. For now...we are picking red raspberries daily...and not yet tired of them!

And's shaping up to be a bumper crop!

As for flowers...
...the hydrangea hedge is just beginning to bloom

...and the petunias never disappoint.

And so ends the garden tour for today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday...


  1. Hi Judy!
    Your garden is so lovely! The predominantly greens, purples and red colors all blend so well. A nice mix of flowers and fruits.

    I like that arbor over your entrance! So beautiful!

  2. And it is tours of properties like your that make everyone jealous! SO beautiful...and I espeically love your front door arrangement (and the door itself!) A whole hedge of hydrangea, what a luxury.
    My apples and grapes are at the same stage as yours. More treats coming right?

  3. At six this morning I went out to water the planter at the front door and thought to myself "Next year I'll put coleus in this planter" and there they are already at your front door!
    I love your fruit salad tree and will have to look for something like that for our fledgling orchard - won't you have fun at harvest time?!

  4. Hi Judy,
    I love your potted plants and your garden and your never ending view. It's all so pretty! Thornless blackberries, very cool!

  5. What a wonderful showcase. Your garden has been enhanced with many hours of creativity from your heart and it shows in every area of your life. The last picture is so beautiful with the bright blue sky.

  6. Judy, your gardens are so beautiful! Dairymary

  7. Judy, your lawn and gardens are spectacular. Everywhere you pointed the camera shows us something exquisite.

    It is so beautiful in your spot of the world. You have made me long to visit that area one of these days.

  8. You have an eye for landscaping...absolutely beautiful. I miss the hydrangea, although I hear rumors of a type that will withstand Calgary winters.

  9. Looks great and how intriguing to have so many varieties of apples growing on one tree!

  10. Your garden and your house are gorgeous! You live in a very beautiful place!

  11. I particularly love the coleus. Great for shady spots. The arbor over your driveway is my favorite. Nice view from your front porch.

  12. you really do have a green thumb. everything looks so lush and beautiful.

  13. Pretty! I can't wait to have some room to plant things. I still have yet to replace all my plants that died while I was bed-ridden. But things are a lot different over here, and I am having trouble deciding between so many beautiful tropical plants to fill my two tiny planters. I want my regular BC varieties of bedding plants, then I'd know what to do.

  14. Your garden looks so wonderful. I love the coleus too. It just gets way too hot here for them to be happy.

    Berries look amazing and those desserts mmmmmm!


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