Monday, July 13, 2009

Harrison Lake revisited...

For the past few years...we have enjoyed a picnic at my most favorite lake every year...on or about July permitting.

The weather permitted...and so we spent a lovely evening at Harrison Lake on Friday night.

Uncle Tim spent some time in the trenches with Ryder...

...and the other birthday boy went for a long walk with his two girls. We did have fun celebrating their birthdays...and they had their cake pie...and ate it too.
Harrison Lake is a glacier fed lake...and therefore looks nicer than it feels! Ryder didn't seem to mind the cold...but Emme hadn't really planned on getting wet. Oh well!

We watched a dragon boat team in action...

...a wonderful display of teamwork.

The kids left for home once bedtime for the wee ones had come and gone...but the two of us walked the beach as the sun was setting. It really is a beautiful spot whatever the season...and I plan to return soon...definitely before next July!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Beautiful place to visit..and good times with family! Thanks for sharing the pics..nice way to end a good day by walking the beach at sunset.

  2. What a beautiful place you visited, and what a fun day for all of you!
    I'm having a stitchers giveaway to mark my 300th post.

  3. That lake is one of my favorite spots in out province.
    What a busy week you had last week. I love the dress you made - 100% retro!

  4. How nice that you had some time to yourselves to just enjoy the evening together. What a lovely looking day it was!

  5. The walk at sunset is the icing on your cake:]

    Beautiful pictures.

  6. Harrison Lake looks like a very pretty and refreshing place to spend the day and celebrate birthdays!

  7. That is one of those favorite spots that I can revisit anytime.
    Looks like the weather held for you.
    We have some evening plans tonight,to visit the Festival of the Arts, but I'm not sure the sun will hold...

  8. That first picture would make a beautiful quilt or stitchery wall hanging!

  9. What glorious photos..especially the last one...lovely Judy...thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of Lake life!

  10. Such beautiful photography Judy! I enjoyed clicking the photos and gazing at them in high detail. The light on the water is fantastic.

  11. Judy. . your pictures of Harrison look so "family".. .you are wonderful at capturing the moments that make memories.
    The sunset that was set out for the two of you. . .beautiful.

  12. This is the third time that I visited your blog today just because the photos are so very beautiful and so different of a landscape than what I see daily. Especially the last three exceptional!!! Thank you for sharing them. The mountains and the body of water, plus the sunset...breathtaking.


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