Thursday, July 2, 2009

raspberry daze...

The raspberries are ready...and it somehow seemed appropriate to enjoy them at breakfast, lunch and supper on Canada Day!

For many years...all the while that our children were young...we had no time for Canada Day celebrations. We grew many acres of raspberries for the commercial market...and were usually harvesting berries on July first. I don't think I could have put them on the table in those days...we had enough of them out in the berry patch.

But's a different story. I love my wee berry patch...which is loaded this year.

Yesterday morning we (or should I say 'he'?) ran out and picked a small bowl of raspberries...we threw in some banana slices...and served them with yogurt and granola. We took the pot of coffee with us...and enjoyed our breakfast in the morning sunshine on the back patio...while the Canadian flag floated in the breeze next door...and the baby coyotes frolicked in the pasture. That was the perfect way to start Canada Day!

Those long ago years of berry picking on July 1st are almost forgotten...and for the past many years we have been away on Canada's birthday. So yesterday was just a laid back...take it easy...come what may...kind of day...some work and some play.

What to serve for supper on Canada Day...for just the two of us...was the big question. The obvious answer was raspberry crepes...of course!

The colour was right...they were quick and easy to prepare...and we reminisced about the good old days of commemorating Canada's birthday in the raspberry we enjoyed a leisurely supper in the shade of the front porch.

As the sun set...we went in search of the perfect place to watch the fireworks. How convenient to have friends living right next door to the venue...and to find the coffee ready when we arrived.

A little razzle and dazzle...viewed from comfortable front row seats in the corn field...was the perfect ending for Canada Day 2009.

Have a great day...


  1. What a lovely post this is, Judy. I almost felt like I was sitting on your porch ready to take a bite of those luscious looking crepes. Such a gorgeous photo. It sounds like a lovely, relaxing day.

    Thank you for your recent visit, kind comments and prayers. I sincerely appreciate it.

  2. 'The raspberries are ready'..I wish I could say that! We'll be waiting for awhile.
    Your breakfast on the patio and the crepes for supper..what could be better than fresh raspberries??
    A lot of fireworks all across Canada yesterday and we found our 'good view' spot as well.

  3. Hydrangaes, geraniums and raspberry crepes...definitely looks like a magazine picture! So beautiful! And, you truly could be an editor...your writing draws people right into where you are at and what you have experienced. As for the coffee and the fireworks in a! sounds just perfect to me.

  4. Sounds perfect to me!........and your dinner table is picture-perfect!

  5. Those raspberries are so good. Mine were all snitched yesterday, so it looks like I will have to wait a few days.
    Fire works in a Cornfield?
    And I believe the Mayor did not arrive.

  6. Your front porch dinner setting looks perfect. do the crepes. I liked your fireworks shots. Did you get eaten alive...I'm a pin cushion for those nasty little biters. It looks like you will enjoy berries for awhile. Kathy

  7. Aah! Your table setting and view look beautiful!

  8. yum! we had fresh raspberries this morning with our breakfast. we have a teeny tiny patch; seems to be a great year for them

  9. I wish I could reach out and pick one right off of my screen. I love raspberries.

    Your day sounds wonderful.

  10. Looks like a beautiful day from beginning to end. I'm glad that you know how to celebrate whether with friends or just the two of you.

  11. My neighborhood has been doing fireworks for the last two weekends. US seems to string out holidays longer than any country I have ever read about. It was lovely.

  12. I had my first raspberries yesterday off my one little bush that grows in a pot in my yard Judy! They were so good! because I get so few I savor each one.

    Your "al fresco" dinner looks so magical. What a nice way to celebrate!

    Your firework photos came out so crystal clear ..good job! We won't be seeing them this year on our Independence Day ... the location was moved to the Hudson River and Brooklyn will be in the dark. I'll have to watch them on TV like the rest of the US, so it will be a cozy night at home.

  13. Absolutely amazing pictures and what a wonderful dinner you had. . .love the firework seat.

  14. Looks yummy! There really is nothing quite like fresh and colourful fruit out of the garden to be enjoyed on a deck on a sunny day! really is the good life...

  15. Doesn't that sound a lovely way to celebrate.
    I am busy thinking up different ways to use our berries, the favourite is served over meringues at the moment!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson