Tuesday, July 14, 2009

setting a record...

Yesterday evening we played host to an amazing attempt at setting the Guiness record for forming the longest pop-bead chain in history.

They arrived in pj's...carrying blankees and stuffies...but all thought of sleep was quickly abandoned...as work on the world's longest necklace got underway.

They stopped to take stock every so often...

...and Ryder took the occasional break from the difficult task at hand to do a little premature celebration jig.

Aha...they did it! From the top of the stairs to the bottom...and on down the hall. Surely there has never been another pop-bead necklace like it! Now...whether or not they indeed built the longest continuous pop-bead chain ever remains unconfirmed...but it was good for an evening of entertainment.

The pop-beads are available at Costco...come in a giant jar...and every Grammy should own some. Speaking of which...I'm going on a field-trip today...to Costco and beyond!

Have great day!


  1. I'll have to add pop beads to my list of things to bring when I visit my two grandsons in the fall. That was just too cute!
    Have fun at Costco and beyond!

  2. Just follow your pop beads to find your way back home. That Ryder! He cracks me up every time.

  3. I finally have my list compiled...How fun! A great evening.
    I need to wait till Silas is like Ryder...

  4. What a great idea! Thank you . . . In a few weeks I may be looking at one like that too.

  5. What a great idea. . .and I've been tempted to pick them up. . .but alas. . they may still eat one or two.
    You are the best "how to grammy" I've ever seen!

    What I always notice about you. . is your fun and activity still has an unhurried sense about it. . .and that is what I think draws me to want to be like you!

  6. Great stuff to have handy for those grandies..you can tell they loved it!
    You are a wonderful grammy and well loved!

  7. Thanks for the introduction to pop beads and letting me know where I can find them. Wouldn't it be special if it really was a world record? Looking at the age of your grandchildren makes me excited for when that time comes for me. You are a fun grandma!

  8. I first thought my 10 and 12 year old might be too old but it is worth a try. Anything is better that trying cartwheels in the house.

  9. This is adorable Judy! I must buy soem pop beads for the future. I imagine my grandson could use them to make many things beyond necklaces. Costco is my favorite store!

  10. POP!

    I only have a grand cat, but I hear we might be getting a grandkitten soon too...bet pop beads would be entertaining even to my "make do" grands!

  11. Aren't those beads great? Our G'kids haven't had them out for awhile so we'll have to try to beat your g'kids record this weekend when they come. (grin) I've not read blogs for a week or so, so I caught up today. Fun things going on at your house to be sure. You are one terrific grandma!


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