Friday, July 3, 2009

a pouting outing...

It's summertime...time to play. But what to do when there is no one to play with?

Poor Ryder was having a bad day yesterday! His sisters had a friend over...and had no time to play with Ryder. He became very sad...

...and he does sad well! So fact that he is the 'sad poster boy' for a local boutique. He phoned Grammy...and wondered if she would play with him.

Hmmm. It was rather hot out...and she decided maybe an outing in the shade...for just the two of them...might just do the trick!

I have season's tickets to our local show garden...and so we packed up and went for a little walk. We stuck to the shade...and the forested trails...and soon all thoughts of pouting were long gone!

Every visit turns up something new...and striking! I don't recall seeing such a profusion of astilbe before...

...most beautiful. An hour later we were ready to go home...

...and he was all smiles. I don't mind going on a 'pouting outing' to Minter Gardens. If you need a little cheering up...try spending some time in a beautiful garden. And if you need company...I might be game!

Have a great weekend...


  1. I drove past the gardens last week and thought about going in but didn't want to go alone. Next time I'll call you ahead of time, because that looks like my kind of place!
    Glad to see that the granny magic turned that pout into a smile!

  2. How could you resist that little face :)

    And what a nice outing - glad to see the smile at the end of the day!

  3. That's the cutest pouting poster boy.
    So cute.
    What a perfect day for an outing...Was it hot?
    I don't know if I would be good company in a garden on a hot day.
    How about a swim in the lake?
    But that would be too cold for the little one.

  4. You made my sad boy's day by taking him out....thanks always know how to cheer up your grandchildren!

  5. Just love how Grammy can be counted upon to turn the pouts into such smiles.

    Ohhhh, so that's how astilbe is supposed to look. Not here at my house now let me tell you. Ha! I have to laugh or I'd cry. Talk about pouting...

  6. A most lovely idea...I can hardly wait to spend this kind of time with my grandkidlet... your little guy is so adorable. Thanks for the reminder that those gardens are so accessible...must go there soon as well.

  7. Who needs a garden to cheer up with a little boy to keep company with like Ryder. . .he is a wonderful poster boy for happy and sad.
    I love that astilbe. . .mine just doesn't get with the program. . I wonder if my soil is wrong.

  8. Oh I just love it that Ryder called Grammy to play with him. That is way to precious. And that he enjoyed going with Grammy to visit a garden :] That is one great little guy.

    The astilbe are amazing. I have never had much luck myself with that plant.

    I have one lone white one in the shade garden.

  9. I think this will work at this age, although I am not sure a garden tour will ease the pouting when he reaches his early teens. But for now, we will just enjoy the early stages of grandparenting. The gardens look so beautiful! How fortunate you are to have season tickets.

  10. Would you like at that sweet little face?!!! He went the full realm of expressions. He is so cute - and he has a very nice granny.

  11. What a cute title for your post. I think it is so precious how Ryder called you to play with him. And looking at his smile at the end of the post I would say he called on the right playmate. So sweet!!

  12. You are such a thoughtful grammy. What an adorable g'son..and the could grammy say no.
    My astilbe never looked like that!

  13. Your pictures are beautiful, loved them. That is the gift of grannys make those kiddos smile. My daughter calls and says I have played all the time I can give, can you play with her for awhile. I am always ready and waiting. He is precious, and they grow up so fast. My little boy grands are 19,14 13 and I cannot play their games anymore. Blessings

  14. Aww.. Judy.. nothing like a Grammy to put an end to 'pouting' .
    I loved your post and the memory your day has tucked into your heart!
    Beautiful photos!
    And little 'poster boy' is VERY cute !! smile

  15. Nice to see that sad face turn into a smile!:-)

  16. Oh amazing! Grin...I adore that photo...with his eyes a peeping over the cute! Glad you had a good time...the gardens are lovely.

  17. A garden always cheers me up when I am pouting! So glad that you and Ryder had a beautful day together.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson