Thursday, July 9, 2009

sure as shootin'

So where has this past year gone?

Sure as shootin'...we are celebrating two birthdays again today.

Our son #2...

...and our one and only son-in-law
...have joined forces in making this date one to be remembered!

That always calls for a big celebration...out here in the wild, wild west.

Happy Birthday...Jeremy & Tim!


  1. Happy Birthday to both those Cool Dudes! Catch of the Day!

  2. Happy b'day to the '2 guys from the wild west'..
    Enjoy your celebrations.

  3. Happy Birthday to your two special guys!

    You made me laugh about our hotdog menu. My family thinks it is a special occasion when I serve hot dogs, because I don't do it that often. In fact, barbecue pork and hot dogs are very popular in North Carolina. Not at the same meal, but I figured I would have something everyone would like.

  4. Happy birthday to your son and son-in-law Judy! It sounds like they have a wonderful day of celebrations planned.

    I love the wild West! My heart is out there too!

  5. Are you all going to be playing Paint Ball? Happy birthday to the two handsome cowboys!

  6. happy birthday fellas......
    especially tim from his "out of town, frindshaft"

  7. Gotta love those pictures. ..real men .. .doing real men things.
    Happy Birhthday to your "twins". . .
    I can only imagine you are making something yummy in your kitchen today. I'll be over in a bit. . .smile.

  8. Great pics of your birthday guys. We have a lot of July BDs too. I think I will post about them.

  9. Another reason to celebrate...two special men in your life. Happy Birthday to both of them, and joy to you in creating the celebration.

  10. Happy Birthday to two special guys and great dad's.
    We wish you both a great year!!
    Love, Uncle Vern & Aunt Martha

  11. hi- found your blog in a round about way, and since i enjoyed reading it, i decided it was only fair to say hello and thanks for allowing me to see it!

    love your photos and point of view. stop by mine anytime!



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson