Thursday, July 23, 2009

getting wet!

We don't mind getting wet in the summertime...not when it is 29 degrees Celsius...and we are in our swim suits. And it's all the more fun if we are in good company...

...and at a place that we have frequented since our children were little. It was known as the Trans-Canada Waterslides in those days...and was quite close to home...and had evening rates of $5...and so we went as a family. It seems we once went while Heidi was at a friend's place...and so she missed out on one occasion...and for all these years we have been accused of planning family outings to the waterslides without her. Yesterday we had a family outing to the waterslides...and no one was left out!

Baby Maelyn came for her very first time...and thought it was most fun!

Ryder and Ranen took very good care of their cousin...

...when they weren't too busy frolicking in the water.

What fun those two have together!

Emme and Spencer brought a friend...and tried every slide on for size. I caught them on the they were off to make the next trip down.

As for Grandpa...Ryder took him down the slide...and they were both all smiles...before they hit the water. And Grammy's favorite tube ride was still there...unchanged after all these years...and so she took one ride down for old times sake. Thankfully I left my prescription sunglasses behind...because they would have been lost in the rapids! I had visions of riding down...sitting nicely on the tube...and sailing smoothly across the last pond. It didn't quite turn out that way...but I did finish together with my tube!

It was a fun time! We hadn't been there since 1991...and it seemed like yesterday. The rates have gone up a little (quite a little)...the park is now called Bridal Falls Waterpark...but the fun remains the same. Maybe we'll go again one day...if our grands invite us. Getting wet is quite okay once in awhile!

Have a great day...


  1. Oh, I wish we lived close by to this water park. Our grandchildren would love this. Actually, I think we would too. You two are fun, crazy and wonderful grandparents. Just think of all the memories you are creating.

  2. What a great way to spend a hot afternoon! It's absolutely true that grandchildren keep you young!

  3. Such fun pictures. The twins both scampering about...Ryder and Ranen and the baby is so cute splashing in the water. I think that you and Elmer are the most amazing grandparents!

  4. A perfect way to spend a hot day. Looks like lots of fun!!!

  5. Waterslides, kids and summer. Perfect! When our son was three we took him to a waterpark. He wasn't sure he want to go down the slides. We told him it was great fun, and that Daddy would go first, then him, and I would be right behind him.

    At the top of the slide I let him go...and we could hear him yelling all the way down:


    (the next trip there he enjoyed it a lot more!)

  6. So grampa went too. fun. You sure do a wonderful job of documenting all the wonderful memories you are creating.
    My grandparents never did one blinking thing with me. .my parents grandparented with as much energy as they could muster. . .and we're mustering up a little bit more. . yet. .

  7. How fun! I would have loved this place. We are planning a weekend trip for our son and grandson to a place with a water park. I know they will have a great time, too.

  8. This place looks amazing, how great to take your Grandchildren you must have had such fun, I love water parks!

  9. love these waterslides over the Cultus ones. we were there earlier this summer and i was shocked at how much more they are-ack.

    looks like another fun summer day

  10. This looks like a great place. Avery and her Papa love to go to a waterpark about an hour south of our house. Yours looks super fun.Your grandchildren are adorable. The baby is growing so much.

  11. That looked like some awfully fun water frolicking...cute pictures of the grands!

  12. What a wonderful day for all of you. Your pictures of your grandchildren are precious. I really admire the way you and your husband join in the fun.

  13. Hi Judy

    What a wonderful water park! It looks like a perfect place for children and parents and grandparents to share a day filled with laughter. Children do love the water so much, don't they? My son and daughter-in-law bring my grandson to the community pool and he laughs so much when he's in the water...he's like a fish,and is trying to swim already! :-)

  14. What a fun, fun day! It all looked so cool and refreshing. Your grandkids are soooo adorable Judy!

    So where's the picture of YOU coming down the slide on that tube! LOL


  15. Looks like a wonderful place to take the family.....Maelyn is adorable in that water!!! Kids love waterslides!! Great memories!


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