Thursday, July 30, 2009

picks of the season...

The fruits of the season are ready for the pickin'...and so I'm doing just that!

I was in the backyard a few days ago...and caught a whiff of first sign that they were ready for harvest. We have been enjoying blackberry ice-tea this summer...mostly from last year's crop...but now we can use them right off the canes.

I simply cook up a blackberry concentrate...simmer equal parts of blackberries and water for about fifteen minutes...and strain. I've been adding a few teabags to my hot concentrate...and steeping for some 5 minutes before removing the bags. Sweeten to taste. Refrigerate pitcher of blackberry/tea concentrate. To serve...pour a small amount over ice in glass...and top with Sprite Zero for a most refreshing drink on a sweltering summer day!

The yellow transparent apples are falling off the trees on the farmyard...and soon the season will be over again. They make the best pie...since they are rather a tart apple...almost as tart as rhubarb! Yesterday I made up my annual batch of apple fritters...for old times sake (I always enjoyed them as a kid)...and the grands from next door came to help with the sampling...and what was left went home for their daddy.

The birds have helped me harvest the blueberries from our few we are all done. But just down the road...

...the birds couldn't quite keep they have brought in the big machines. Machines are more reliable than people...especially in this heat! Speaking of which...Vancouver recorded the highest temperature EVER yesterday. It's hot...and with no end in sight...I am packing the RV...and dreaming of ocean beaches!

Last night we enjoyed supper air-conditioned bliss...

...with old long-time friends of ours who also happen to celebrate their anniversary in July. It was a triple anniversary commemoration supper ...although it was mostly about catching up on what was happening in everyone's life!

Friends and fruit...the best of the season.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you..
    Wish we had blackberries to pick..will have to wait for them to reach the grocery store.
    The weatherman is mixed up..he's sending us rain and cool weather..

  2. Glad you celebrated out in air conditioning. I have those same apples and hope it cools down enough soon to do something with them :0)
    It's almost too hot to think here in the Northwest...

  3. The blackberries aren't quite ready here yet. I've had one or two really mouth-puckering berries! I'm always in a hurry!

  4. On the weekend I had my first blackberries and on Tuesday .. grandgirlie had her first of the season and maybe her life. . in our back forty.. .
    So wonderful to celebrate with friends.
    I hear you have thunder. . .and a bit of rain maybe .. . can you go outside and wave it towards the west?

  5. Happy Anniversary. So wonderful to still be together and have wonderful friends too. Blessings

  6. Ohhhh, another beverage to try! You made apple fritters in that heat? Brave gal! Try to stay cool...

  7. Looks like life is wonderful in your corner of the world, even if you are breaking heat records. All that luscious fruit is making my mouth water.

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Berries in tea...wish I had a cool glass of that!

    Our apples are growing nicely, still pale green. We wonder what kind they will be...part of the fun of buying an old place with no information about the grounds! Guess when they start falling off we will know they are ripe!

  9. I am dreaming of homemade apple fritters, because that sounds about as good as it gets, to me. Oh, add some Blackberry tea with that. In the extreme heat that you all are facing right now, I can't think of anything better than sitting with dear long time friends in an air-conditioned restaurant, eating, talking and laughing together. Hope you stay cool!

  10. Looks like you are ready to go...You will enjoy your AC....
    It's always fun to celebrate with friends. We just celebrated our first CPP cheques with friends.
    That time will come for you too, my friend.
    Enjoy and the steps will be waiting for us when you come back.

  11. Happy Anniversary! How nice to share the occasion with friends.

    I heard all about the NW heat wave on the news last night. It seems like all of north America is having unusual weather this summer!
    Heat is so tiring, isn't it? The older I get the more OI enjoy cooler temperatures over hotter, the complete opposite of when I was young.

    Your fruit looks so good!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Judy!
    That delicious looking blackberry concentrate drink makes me very thirsty.... as does this heat!
    I noticed today that the blackberries are ready to start picking ... We have lots within a short walk from our house.
    Our favorite thing to do with blackberries is blackberry syrup over ice-cream and blackberry perogies and blackberry jam!! Yum!!

  13. Beautiful fruit photos! I wonder why they caught my eye? That drink sounds wonderful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson