Friday, July 17, 2009

the summer car...

Some have a summer cottage...some have a summer kitchen...but we have a summer car. The rest of the year it is nicely parked away...but when it is time to go for an ice-cream on a hot summer's the only way to go.

Hop worries about seat belts since they were non-existent in 1947...and head for the nearest DQ. Do you remember the air-conditioning of old? Roll down the windows and let the hair fly.

The route for our ice-cream run...takes us right by the home of some friends...who, it turns out, would love to join us for ice-cream.

But not so seems there needs to be a mid-trip inspection. What's in the front...

...and what's in the back?

With that out of the way...and our friends in the back seat and ready to roll...we carried on with our mission of finding some ice-cream treats. It was one of those perfect summer evenings to sit outside and enjoy the delights of the season.

As I have mentioned previously, the 1947 Monarch was a gift from my dad...who loved restoring old cars (providing they were Fords)...and had a collection of antique vehicles at one time. He is always thrilled that we take the car out for a joyride on occasion. And he'll be happy to know we never ate ice-cream in the car. They never did that in we won't do it now!

One other thing about the summer car. The car is registered in my name...but would be of no value to me whatsoever if I didn't have a driver. And so...I am happy to have a 'principal operator' who knows exactly what to do with our summer car. Not only can he get it started...sometimes on the very first attempt...but he has the strength to crank the wheel around those corners...and knows how to get it out of first gear. That helps.

I'm off to meet my dad this morning...but won't be taking the summer car. Even the 'principal operator' would think twice about taking it down the freeway.

Have a great summer weekend...


  1. Great looking sumer car!! What a fun outing with good friends!

  2. Oh how very cool is that!! This is a must see post for my guy! He'd love to inspect it too! Enjoy!

  3. OH how fun for you and your lucky friends. summer. . maybe we can go do a cruise together.

  4. I love the idea of a summer car! It's very handy that you have a principal operator to handle that non-power steering otherwise you'd be needing a massage after a trip to the ice cream parlour.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh I'd love a ride in that 1947. What good friends you are to stop by and ask your friends along! It all sounds like great fun.

  6. What a fun ride and I was so honored to be a part of this car.

    We made History...When I was a child I sat in a car just like that. It also had a rope in the back seat, and lots of space....
    We made many trips throught the Canyon highway up to Terrace.
    Now I have other ideas as what to do with all that space...

    A hot night in July, in Judy's car!!!

    Didn't we recognize some other hot people last night?

    Thanks for helping me put the finishing touches to the cake!

  7. My husband would love your summer car. And, he would love the destination, too.

  8. Oh Judy how wonderful. I am sure the car is loads of fun besides being something special from your dad. My first car was a 1947 Pontiac. I bought it in 1957. Paid $175.00 for it. Straight shift, of course. Is this one a straight shift? This post brought back fun memories. My brakes went out once and scared the beejeebies out of me. Blessings

  9. Isn't that a beautiful car? Made to last...and it has! I see Marg and her husband went along f!or a nice ride!

    I think my dad had a similar car in the 50's. I remember it being a nice color blue and very roomy inside. The only vacation we were able to take as children was to visit my maternal grandmother in rural Pennsylvania and stay at her home for a week. I loved it! My Mom Dad and four children plus the family cat(no carrier) would be packed into that car and we would drive for hours, stopping only once along the way, Fun memories!

  10. The photos are just beautiful when you click to zoom! Hope you get an opportunity to show them to Dad.

  11. What a wonderful way to travel to the DQ. That is one beautiful car and I love how you refer to it as your summer car. I hope your Dad is doing well now.

  12. looks like a perfect summer activity on a perfect summer day riding in a perfect summer car!

  13. This car would really excite my husband! What fun to have a summer car, and spend times creating memories with it and good friends. Great post!!

  14. Just think of the fun you provide to those who see you go by!

  15. What a beautiful old car! I love also the road, with nice fences, beautiful green and lovely houses...
    I would love to be there with you!

  16. What a wonderful car, it's so nice to think of it being so well preserved, and going out on special occasions.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson