Thursday, August 6, 2009

clayburn village

It's not often these days that one has a chance to be transported back in a place where people sit on their front porch and greet their neighbours as they stroll by on their way to the general store.

I found myself in just such a place recently. We have a bit of a hidden jewel in our valley...known as Clayburn Village. Now quiet and was once a bustling company town for one of Canada's largest brick mills.

We had our family reunion just up the hill from the village...and had a fun time exploring. Every house was made entirely of brick...or featured a brick wall. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this home...with it's inviting front porch...

...and lovely hydrangea bushes. And it's even for sale...if anyone is looking for a century-old heritage home in a quiet rural location. And just a few doors down... the Clayburn Village General Store & Tea Shop.

If you want a freshly baked scones with Fraser Valley jam...or a Ploughman's might want to pay them a visit.

Or step back in time...browse the country store...and see what treasures you might find. I located lots of my childhood favorites...they still look the same...just the price-tag is different.

The adjacent garden looked like a wonderful place to enjoy tea. I'll be going back...sometime see what I all missed.

Greetings from the road...


  1. You are growing my list of places that I would love to visit, by your outstanding photography and your ability to describe in beautiful details, all that you see in front of you. This little town would be a place I would love to spend lots of time in. The house for quaint and inviting that was. Thank you for introducing me to "clayburn village".

  2. Paradise found! That is my dream house....too bad I live in PA!!

  3. I'll have to look that up on a map and add it to my list of things to see when I'm over that way for work next week. You have a gift for photography and description!

  4. Looks like a fun spot to explore. I'm glad you are enjoying your journey :0)

  5. I love the little store and all the "no longer for a penny" candy. Also a great treat for scones and devonshire cream. Thanks for the reminder as I haven't been in a while ...

  6. What a wonderful time taking us down memory lane....I think I've been there, but it's been quite awhile.
    Fresh SCones? I"m always up for that.

  7. This town looks like a place I would love. My kind of pace, tee-hee.

    Blessings Judy!

  8. On one of my sisters visits we poked around and had lunch in Clayburn Village. It is a neat little place...I was happy to re-visit it here today. Kathy PS love your new header.

  9. This is such a pretty place -- I love cottage houses like this with a big front porch. I'd also like to poke around in the general store ... I'm sure I'd much I'd like to buy.
    Fresh baked scones are my all time favorite treat!

  10. Oh the hydrangeas are wonderful. I love the country too. I went on a picture taking mission to to Abby of Gethsemani and I will be blogging about that soon. Everyone just love scones. I can't believe it. I never had those when I was a young girl.

  11. I love to visit places like that - they are so interesting - and you feel like you are walking into a story :)

    My Annabelle hydrangea is in full bloom too - aren't they pretty!

  12. Love that little town. Especially like the brick shaped soaps from the soap shop. Oh the garden around that little shop is heavenly!


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