Monday, November 30, 2009

open house...

Did you know that there are many people out there who are totally ready for Christmas...

...have every gift wrapped and under the tree...

...and even have the table set to the hilt?

I'm not sure what they plan to do with the next four weeks...but yesterday some of them opened their doors to the community and allowed us a peek inside. What fun we had touring the homes...from country charmers to grandiose...and picking up decorating ideas here and there. The Christmas Home Tour features a specifically selected group of homes...and is a fundraiser for the food bank. I'll take you along to visit more of the homes another day...soon.

Now that I have seen how it should be done...I'm ready to pull out the boxes and start decorating. It will be a simple task...since I have no intentions of decorating my bathrooms, office, laundry room or closets. And the table really doesn't need to be set until Christmas Eve...we might want to use it before then.

One other 'open-house' that I attended over the weekend...

...was a baby shower for Micah...who is already three weeks old.

Lisa's sister planned the shower...and opened her home to family and friends for a welcoming party for the 'most laid back' guest of honour. He prefers the night life at this stage...and likes to sleep during the day. Emme gifted her little cousin with the hat she knit last week...and as you can tell...he was overjoyed! Though he was quite oblivious to the goings on...he is a precious and much loved addition to the family.

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. Oh Poor Micah . . he looks positively exhausted with the shower.
    He is such a darling baby boy.
    I love the pictures of the houses you posted. I took those same two pictures when I went through.

    Enjoy your decorating.

  2. I LOVE Christmas house tours and try to go on one every couple of years. I am definitely NOT one of those ready for Christmas types! My place is really still in the 'first Sunday of Advent' stage, awaiting some serious swagging and baubling!
    Little Micah looks about as interested in the shower as his dad or uncles might have been!

  3. I must tell you that the two pictures that you shared from the open house, are decors I like. I enjoyed staring at them, especially the dining room. But, the pictures of Micah were the best. How adorable! And the girls on the picture. I bet they love this little guy.

    Hope you have a good Monday.

  4. Oh Judy, there might be some home ready for Christmas, but not eveyone gives from the heart the way you do...Your home will be ready just in time,,,but keep giving to those little ones, they will prefer to know that your house was not perfect, but that you always had time for them.
    I love Micah's hat...It looks like the type that could knit.
    What a fun day.

  5. Micah looks like I feel after decorating the whole house this weekend!

    I've never decorated so early before, but the home tour decorators got my engines running..and now I am glad as I can relax and enjoy from here on in!

  6. It was fun to run into you on the tour and see reminder of it now on here! Micah is adorable!

  7. Judy, Micah is such a big handsome boy! It looks like his Mommy had a wonderful shower.

    The all white house you toured was decorated like a magazine shot pretty, so perfect!

    I prefer green red and gold color theme and lots of family made mementos. I buy a real tree every year so I try to wait until a week before Christmas to bring it inside to decorate. With a trip to Colorado coming up soon my routine will be different this year but even more joyful! Faith - Family -Friends - are the true joys of the holidays!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson