Friday, August 5, 2011

The Falls...

With stunning views of the valley and surrounding mountains...
The Falls is a popular golf course on the eastern hillsides of our valley.
But since I'm not a golfer...
I only go there to enjoy their good food on the patio-with-a-view from time to time.

On Wednesday night our kids invited us to join them there for dinner...
in honour of our 40th wedding anniversary.
What we did not know was that they had also invited a whole horde of friends to show up for the party...
and a party it was.

Most of the friends who were there...
have been with us since the early years.
I think I can say they are 'old friends'...
good old friends!

Our children actually said nice things about us...
and left out most of the rest.
Our friends told tall tales (Dave!!!)...
some which had a grain of truth at the core...
and we all had a lot of laughs.

There were posters around the patio...
numbered 1 through 40.
Each had a corresponding tale to tell.

#7. Children that call them Grammy and Grandpa.
#12. The number of cups of coffee they drink in one day between the two of them.  (I think they are little low on that one!)
#19 The age that Judy changed her last name.
#33 Number of door dings that they have avoided by parking their car 5 miles away from every other car in the parking lot.
#40 Years of wedded bliss!

We reminisced...
and we laughed...
and we enjoyed the view.
 We are thankful for family and friends with whom we have shared this journey.
We are most thankful to God...
'For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations.'
Psalm 100

As for photos...
I never took a single one.
Those you see above are from The Falls website.
It is a busy weekend over here.
We have family visiting from out-of-town...
and we are celebrating my nephew's wedding on Saturday.
And on the farm...
the grass is being harvested today.
It's all good!

Edited to add later...
a photo collage of our celebration at The Falls.

 The pictures are compliments of Broni.


  1. What a lovely surprise...and what thoughtful children!

  2. What a great celebration! Your kids are not only thoughtful and loving, but creative as well. Don't you just love celebrations that last for days?!

  3. So wonderful to have such a supportive family and "old" friends. Two of life's greatest blessings. And you can't dismiss a 40 year long, happy marriage.
    All the best for the next 40!

  4. Love that 40 signs idea. Such a nice thing for the kids to do for you!

  5. Happy Anniversary - you're just 5 years behind us! God bless you with many more! Wonderful for family and friends to celebrate this awesome event!

  6. What a great party that must have been. There's so much to celebrate after 40 years together.

  7. What a wonderful surprise! 40 tables worth of family and friends to celebrate this momentous anniversary is such a wonderful blessing and a lasting memory to cherish. Congratulations!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I hoped that they would and they did. Great kids you have, Judy! Sounds like a fun, perhaps sometimes shocking, evening. Life is never dull there and you certainly stay busy, busy.

  9. Your family honoured your special anniversary in a wonderful way. It must be so much fun when you all get together! I love the idea of the signs - they must have had fun making them. Your days are filled with special blessings.

  10. As you know..I was there in my heart. I was sad to miss this occasion, but that's how life works. May you enjoy many more happy years together.

  11. Clever kids and friends, you have!
    The celebration sounds like a whole lot of fun - I can imagine the laughter.

  12. In the midst of our everyday lives, how great it is that family and friends can come together to celebrate your 40 years together. It is an event worthy of celebration. Thank you for taking us with you on your lovely trip, and a celebration that lasted for days.

  13. I was there in my heart too! I loved how your kids organized this in your honor!!
    Good kids!!

  14. I smiled through your post! It was such a lovely thing for your kids to do ! Obviously, a lot of love went into the planning of it!
    I loved the 'numbered' poster idea!

  15. Oh what a wonderful time. Congratulations! You are a blessed woman Judy!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson