Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a wedding to remember...

A wedding that I will never forget!  My one-and-only brother was married in Stanley, Iowa...on August 23, 1986.  Though it was a busy time on our farm back home...and Expo 86 was drawing us to Vancouver on a regular basis...we couldn't miss Bill and Jeanne's wedding!  And so we booked a cheap flight on Frontier Airlines...a flight which connected through Denver and got us into Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  My five year-old nephew was ring bearer...and so my sister Kathy and my nephew Lucas joined us on the same flight.  We got to our destination on schedule...only to discover that  Frontier Airlines had made the news headlines that day.  They were filing for bankruptcy...and would no longer be flying.  We were in Iowa...and we would enjoy the wedding.  We had no idea how we would get home on Monday!

Bill and Jeanne met at His Hill in Comfort, Texas...and before long the wedding bells were ringing!

They were married in a little country church (with no air-conditioning)...

...with lovely stained glass windows...on a very hot and humid day.  And once the vows were said...there were still photos to be taken.

If they all look a little 'under the weather'...it's because they were! Did I mention that it was very HOT?

One of the groomsmen was out cold for a spell...and the rest of the wedding party needed fresh air!

And...for the record...the groom and his lovely bride...along with his parents and five sisters. 

The ringbearer could relax with his cousins once his official duties were done.

The reception was a happy affair at a local golf course...in air-conditioned comfort. Their cake really 'took the cake'!

 Kathryn, Heidi, Jamie and Lauren

It seems there was not too much action at the bar...and so the groom's nieces decided to swing on the stools for a spell!

It was a lovely wedding...and we were happy to welcome Jeanne into the family.  Once all the wedding festivities ended...we still had the problem of getting back to Vancouver on Monday.  It was decided that we would send Lucas (my nephew) home with Grandma and Grandpa in the motorhome...and the rest of us would go to the airport and see if we could find a flight home.  I should explain that Grandma and Grandpa's motorhome was already quite full to capacity...since my sister and her two pre-schoolers and my daughter (who was seven at the time) had driven out with them.  What was one more?  I'm not sure my dad is ready to talk about that travel adventure just yet! 

On Monday morning we drove to the airport...and were told that United Airlines would take stranded Frontier passengers as they had room.  After a few hop-skip-and jump flights...United flew us to Seattle.  That was as close as we would get to Vancouver.  Because of Expo 86 there were no flights available to Vancouver...where our car was waiting for us.  To make a long story short...someone we never even knew came to our rescue and drove us north to Vancouver.  Late that night we arrived home...while Lucas was on the bus with his cousins having the time of his life for four more days!

All that happened twenty-five years ago.  Today seemed like the perfect day to share a few fun memories!

Best wishes to you both on your 25th wedding anniversary...
and many blessings in the years ahead!


  1. It's wonderful that you can pull these 25 year old photos from your archives and share such a fun wedding story. Surely your brother appreciates all your efforts to "be there." A Happy Anniversary to the blessed couple!

  2. What a great story. Are you sure 1986 was REALLY 25 years ago?! It doesn't seem like that long... The church was lovely, the bridal party was beautiful, and I could almost feel the heat and humidity!

  3. And you were wearing hose on that very hot day! I enjoyed that story so much. The part that made me really smile was Grandpa taking home the stranded passengers while the adults took the risk of flying home "somehow". Glad you made it safely home!

  4. I love hearing the family stories you share Judy. Aren't you glad you took os many pictures way back when. I bet you were like me...pictures in albums right away in chronological order. That's how you are able to find these memories a quarter of a century ago. I enjoyed the trip back in time!

  5. What a beautiful wedding it was. But how worried you must have been about getting safely home!

  6. Oh my...now that was a memorable experience all the way around. Another good samaritan story, too.
    I had to show Katie the bridesmaid dresses and tell her it still wasn't too late to switch :0)
    What kind of scanner do you use for your old photos?
    Have a good day!

  7. You have the most interesting stories, Judy. I'd love to hear your dad's take on the journey home!

  8. What beautiful memories and photographs! I loved reading this post!

  9. Oddly enough, I have ridden on Frontier Airlines in the past few years. They must have come out of bankruptcy.
    I enjoyed seeing the family wedding with the one and only brother loved by his 5 sisters!
    It was fun to see how the groomsmen's cummerbunds matched the bridesmaid's dresses. And that cake! How did the start to cut it?
    Congratulations to your brother and sis-in-law.

  10. Aww, happy anniversary to your brother! Sounds like it was a very memorable time!

  11. Those are the kind of things that make these wedding so special...A great story...and hard to believe that this day has arrived for all of them already...My sister just let me know it's there 25th. Wow...way to go! I can't believe our younger siblings have been married so long...they must be OLD!

  12. I love those sorts of stories - they're what make up the fabric of family history. In 1987 I was at my brother's wedding, where the maid of honour fainted dramatically at the altar due to the heat.

  13. Happy anniversary to your brother Bill and his wife Jeanne! They had a lovely wedding. I'm glad you were able to go home the next day...Frontier Airlines is back in operation these days.

  14. Happy Anniversary to your brother. Very nicely written post. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story. Gr8 work indeed from your end.

    A small gift for your bro from my side....Take the Happiness Together test and find out a number of helpful insights about happiness in relationship with your partner. It helps you discover just how happy you and your partner are in your relationship.

  15. I do wish that I had pictures and memories to share of 25 years ago. I marvel at your picture collection and the way you share documentation of events from so long ago. This was so special! I really enjoyed reading about the wedding and travels to and from. I had close friends that went to the same school and that was fun to me to read. The wedding was beautiful! I can imagine your mother was excited to have a son after five daughters:)

    I wish them a Happy Anniversary and know this post will make their day.


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