Friday, August 12, 2011

ten years ago today...

Have you any idea where you were on August 12, 2001?
I remember the day well.
My father got married...
and I was there, of course.

Dad and Marge...
with their get-away vehicle!

Where have the years gone?

Since that day...
they have made many good memories together.
They have sailed the seven seas (I'm sure)...
been to Texas and Iowa and Manitoba to visit the family...
visited Newfoundland and Alaska and Panama...
and played Rook most every evening!

They have each adopted a new set of kids...
and grands...
and great-grands...
and had many occasions to celebrate.

They have also been there for each other 'in sickness'.

They have shared fun times...
and tough times...
and everyday moments...
for ten years.

We have no idea what tomorrow holds...
but today is the day to celebrate ten years of marriage.

My first dahlia bloom opened just for the occasion...
and I sent it their way!

Happy Anniversary, 
Dad and Marge!


  1. That's a great looking dahlia!
    ...and the "young" couple look great too!
    Are you coming to Wpg for the book signing?

  2. What a great story for such a cute couple. Happy Anniversary to your dad and his bride...

  3. What a handsome couple! Best wishes to them on this milestone anniversary.

  4. Such a great looking couple! Happy 10th to them!

  5. Happy days! I am loving that dahlia. Mine are quite wimpy this year.

  6. Best wishes to your Dad and Marge on their 10th wedding anniversary. I love it that they explore the world together.
    And the dahlia - stunning!

  7. It's wonderful when people can still find real love again and continue in relationships. You have been a tremendous support to them. It was so good to see Him yesterday.

  8. Happy Anniversary to your Dad and Marge. You have written a lovely and loving post to honor them on their special day. The photo of them by the getaway car is so nice.
    I found it timely to read this today as I have been sorting through my mom's things and came across a diary she kept when she was "courting" her 2nd husband. She never in a million years would have thought she would marry twice, but she found great happiness with Ed and they shared only a few years together, but she was head over heels in love.
    The dahlia photo is stunning. I sat and stared at it's beauty for a while before continuing to scroll down.

  9. Happy 10 years to your dad and Marge!

    Your dahlia is a work of art!

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  10. Happy anniversary to them. They look happy. The dahlia is beautiful too

  11. What a beautiful post to pay tribute to your dad and his bride! Congratulaions to you ALL!

  12. A very happy anniversary to them both. As one who has also combined families, I appreciate the sentiments you've expressed. Much joy and happiness to them.

  13. Beautiful! The dahlia and the second chance for love!

  14. Happy Anniversary to your dad and marge! Thanks for sharing this story! And your dahlia is gorgeous!

  15. how very very special What a great looking couple and how happy they are in these photos. A real blessing for them!

  16. What a sweet tribute to this special couple. I think it is wonderful that they were given 10 years together to go and do so many fun things. And, I can't think of any better way for you to send your wishes to them, then with that gorgeous dahlia. I never saw one like it. Leave it to you:)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson