Thursday, August 18, 2011

heading out...

As I was heading out yesterday morning...

I looked across the grass field to the corn in the distance...
and noticed a wee bit of golden colour above the green.

That called for closer inspection.

the corn is heading out (tasseling)!

Here's what I know.
Six weeks after tasseling it will be ready for harvest.
This is the very first of our fields to sport any tassels.
I'm thinking it will be a very late corn harvest this year.
Our end of October vacation plans may need a little adjustment!

By the way...
did you notice that we also have blue skies and sunshine?
It's all good!


  1. And it's about time! Perhaps it'll speed up just for you. (I didn't know that it takes six weeks to harvest after the tassel shows.) We just had one ear each this week, no butter, good thing it was nice and sweet and tender...sugar and gold, I think.

  2. I love the little teasers that sometimes appear in the beginning of your posts - so of course I was peeking to find the gold!
    Everything is so slow this year. We probably won't get more than a couple of vine-ripened tomatoes - even the peas were late.

  3. Yes, a beautiful day and will be a great harvest! Lovely pictures too!

  4. Wow ..that is late isn't it? On our travels ..tassels were common to be seen. I had wished we could stay at the Amish View awhile longer and watch how they harvest their corn. It's amazing how watching someone work so hard to mow their grass is so relaxing to me.

  5. The only thing I know about growing corn is that it needs lots of hot sunny days to ripen. True? Goodluck with yours. There's nothing better than fresh buttery corn.

    You live in a beautiful place. Your first picture is amazing.

  6. We took note of that this week as well. Loving this nice is welcome to stay a while.

  7. I have never seen as many corn fields as I have these past two weeks travelling! Never occured to me how much corn is grown in North America.
    I looked out today and saw some yellow... it was leaves on a tree!

  8. Again, I learned something new about your crops. The sunshine is a longing fulfilled for sure. Enjoy!!

  9. These blue sky days are so beautiful - and I think we appreciate them even more knowing that summer is waning. 6 more weeks of sunshine - I could handle that!

  10. I never knew this fact about corn! I hope your weather stays mild till the end of October. One of my favorite memories of driving cross country was all the high cornfields in far as the eye could see!

  11. I loved those blue skies today...and to be honest with you...I did not know that it was six weeks after tassles were out...we waited for the indention of the corn.

  12. Great shots! And I love the view.
    We have the same corn plantation in our country farm. My father used to plant corn.

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  13. Late sweet corn is definitely better than no sweet corn. We have had an exceptional year in the sweet corn category, but I have not frozen my yet. Maybe we will be doing it at the same time:)


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