Tuesday, August 2, 2011

whistler ~ the valley experience

As you know...
one cannot stay on the mountaintop!

The village of Whistler lies in a valley...
and in that valley is where we spent most of our time away.

We camped just north of the village...
at a wonderful campground right next to the river...
and situated on the 'valley trail'.

Stretching some 40 kilometers...
the valley trail is a paved pathway that connects all the neighbourhoods in the Whistler Valley.

We checked out much of the valley trail...
and even managed to get lost on one occasion.

We cycled around Alta Lake...

...where all was calm and laid back!

And where there was no lake...
there were ponds and pads...

...and those who paddled quietly through the underbrush.

We waited as the Rocky Mountaineer passed through the valley...
and thought that would be a nice way to visit Whistler.

We made at stop at Nicklaus North Golf Course...
...on the shores of Green Lake
just to reminisce.
Six years ago we met here to join in Kris and Lisa's wedding celebrations.
A perfect spot for a wedding...
then and now!

We biked around Lost Lake...
where the locals come to catch some sun.

And at the end of the day...
we always made it back to our spot by the river.

A cheese fondue has become a camping tradition for us...
a reminder of times spent with our Swiss friends.
On July 28, 1999 we enjoyed a Swiss fondue in the shadow of Mt. Denali with Pierre and Ute.
They were in Canada four years ago...
and we had fondue together on the shores of Shuswap Lake.
It just happened to be on July 28th as well.
Last Thursday we enjoyed cheese fondue in Whistler...
a perfect camping meal.
Oh...and it was on July 28th!

Right next to our campsite...
engulfed in a spruce and cedar forest....
was a spa.

Not just any spa...
but one that was known for it's Scandinavian baths.
So we took walk down that path one evening...
and checked it out!

Hot pools...
steam rooms...
eucalyptus steam baths...
and Nordic pools and waterfalls.
Rustic...and relaxing!

It brought back memories of our visit to Finland many years ago.
There we used a private sauna on the lake...
and then jumped into the frigid lake water.

And though we were mostly in the valley...

...we could always look up at the hills.

It may be a winter destination resort...
but it is a great place to visit in the summertime!


  1. It is a lovely summer vacation spot - according to your photos, simply gorgeous! You are still young and can be very active, taking advantage of all this valley has to offer! Blessings!

  2. Makes me want to pack up the trailer and go but it would take me a week to get there. Well, maybe soon. V

  3. Paddling quietly under the underbrush looks like a lot of fun. Alta Lk and surroundings is such a beautiful place!

  4. What beautiful scenery Judy! The two of you are an inspiration for staying active for sure! I've got to look into an electric fondue. :0)

  5. You have sold me on a summer visit to Whistler. It is just beautiful. I like hoe places you have visited before quilted together in your mind making each trip an even richer memory.

    Also quite happy to see that at least a few Canada geese have stayed in their name sake country and off our golf courses for a change.

  6. Cheese fondue while camping sounds like fun. You guys know how to enjoy every minute!

  7. Wow! Your pictures are so cool and green! For a while, I forgot that I was in Texas!
    Thanks for the tour of the fun things there are to do.

  8. This looks like a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable way to celebrate a special anniversary! You are so fortunate to ahve so much natural beauty to enjoy so close to your valley.

    I would love to take a train tour through the Canadian Rockies one day, Judy. It is definitely on my bucket list!

  9. Now I am on my way there, only we left our bikes at home. I will need to check out the new spa....looks interesting.

  10. How magnificent! 108 degrees here today so I am soaking up your beautiful photos! I already FEEL a tiny bit cooler!

  11. That spa would have been calling me!
    We were in Whistler last September - a beautiful time to visit (and I think you were there just before!)

  12. we are coming out west,and who knows we might just check this one out.So beautiful..we love the mountains and camping in the mountains for sure thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Hi there.Now we are ready to go for a holiday to B.C.I would love to know were you camped.It looks so beautiful,and the spa looks so relaxing.It would be nice to spend a few days there!

    1. Joyce...the name of the campground is Riverside Resort. The adjacent spa is called Scandinave Spa. It's a great place to stay. Check it out on-line!

    2. thanks,we will do that ,looks very beautiful!!