Monday, August 29, 2011

a grand camping trip

It all began with our first two grandchildren...when they were two years old.  We thought a camping trip with them would be a fun time...and it was.  I'm sure they have no recollection of the event!  We have gone every summer since...and their one night get-away became two several years ago.

The next two grands had to wait until they were three before they could go camping with Grammy and Grandpa.  They are now five...and had their third camping adventure this year.  We have three more grands under the age of three...and we are beginning to wonder what kind of precedent we have set.  We may have to re-visit our camping format (or maybe we just need a very large RV, so we can take them all at once!).

Last week we loaded up the RV and took Ranen and Ryder to the Koa just south of the border in Lynden, Washington.  It's a wonderful place for that we frequented with our own young family decades ago.

Our spot was next to the pond...and their favorite camping activity seemed to be feeding the ducks.

Golfing, riding bike, enjoying the playground...and for a few brief moments, even sitting around the was a good time.

And of course we spent some time paddling around the lake...just like their dads did in those same paddle boats long ago.

On the second day, the moms arrived at our campsite with the rest of the grands...and we had a picnic lunch together.  (That was the consolation prize for those who could not stay overnight!)

Micah immediately discovered the ducks...or they discovered him! 

He inched his way to the pond and before long he was in up to his and all.

The ducks had their picnic as well!  When the picnic was over...Emme and Spencer stayed, and the rest all left for home. 

Does Maggie look a little downtrodden? She tells us often that she's a big girl too...and was not that thrilled to be leaving.

As for the rest of the grand camping adventure...we'll continue with chapter two tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful place for a family outing.
    Your last photo is a bit sad!

  2. I knew when I saw the title of your blog that I'd be in for some beautiful photos... I was right! What a cool tradition you've established for your grandkids, they'll remember these trips the rest of their lives.

  3. That's a wonderful memory you are gifting your grandchildren! Blessings!!

  4. That does look like a great kid friendly spot! The paddleboats look perfect for their age and yours lol!

  5. Oh this one made me chuckle. I say we combine efforts next year. .maybe we should hold a grandparenting camp!

  6. Awww... poor little Maggie ! the dejection so shows!
    I love the tradition you have that you are able to give to and enjoy with your grands.
    Guess the 'numbers' problem wasn't one you considered when the 'precedent' was established ! smile.. I can think of worse 'problems' !!

  7. Looks like a perfect spot and so close to home...they will be coming for years. The precedent? I think it,s to late Judy.they will be there for years.

  8. What a fun tradition with your grands. I love the photo of Maggie so dejected. You've captured her despondence so well.

  9. You'll be playing musical grandchildren from now on - a different set camping with you every weekend. Part of the fun of grandparenting.

  10. I love Lynden, though I've only been there twice. Such a pretty town--and so clean! I was sad when they moved the fabric store out of the downtown shops.

    Poor Maggie. It's so hard not to be one of the big kids!

  11. I think you picked the best place for a campout, and your pictures depict real adventure and happiness on each of their little faces...except dear little Maggie:( I understand the precedents that you as grandparents set, and how it can grow to be so interesting. We are finding that already in some of our adventures. I vote for a large RV and all going together. Of course, I can do that because I am way far away:) Great post!

  12. Such a precious post of both old and new memories. I love doing with the grands, what I did with my son's....I feel like "then" inside.

    Thanks for an enjoyable read with your beautiful photos to capture how it was....


  13. I think the concept of pacing one's self in grandparenting enthusiasm is often ignored at great future peril when the grands just keep coming regardless of grandparental resources.
    Your grands are so delightful I can't imagine putting on the breaks in terms of such wonderful traditions though.

  14. Judy - what special memories y0u are making with your grandchildren. they are lucky to have young grandparents like you and your hubby. I love the picture of the 3 children with their mother feeding the ducks. your collages are wonderful!

  15. Wonderful pictures and memories to treasure for a lifetime! We were just across the pond in the cabins with a daughter,son in law and 4 precious grands enjoying time together!

  16. That's such a lovely tradition, Judy. I can just imagine the excitement around the annual trip. I hope we get to do this with our grands too!

  17. This is a very sweet tradition, Judy! I am in Colorado this week shopping with my daughter for for her wedding dress :)

  18. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Your time together needs no words.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson