Thursday, August 4, 2011

the neighbourhood candy shoppe...

Summer has arrived...
and with it the seasonal candy shoppe.

Emme and Spencer started the enterprise some four years ago...
and now have many stakeholders in their little business.

The location changes from time to time as well...
and this summer they have been setting up shoppe on the neighbour's yard.

Business has been a little slow...
they say.

The odd farmer stops along the road for a sweet treat...
and I know of a grandpa who frequents the shoppe as well.

And here's what I noticed on my visit...
the employees can all vouch for their product!

They assured me though...
they pay for their samples.

As for their hours of operation...
they are somewhat sporadic.
Only open on sunny days...
and only when there are enough employees to make it a fun shift.
The closed sign goes up whenever anything better comes up!

But if you happen by on a sunny day...
when they are open for business...
be sure to stop for a treat!

Enjoy the day...


  1. Ack! I can see how much they have all grown and changed since last summer! Of course I am thankful that they continue to grow healthy and strong, but oh do I wish the little tykes that used to come by would somehow still be them too.
    Sort of a have my cake and eat it too proposition.

  2. What a cute little group of entrepreneurs!

  3. OH what fun.....that brings back memories of my own little lemonade stand:):):)

  4. I can just imagine the delight of some traveler wandering onto that road to find such a great little shop!

  5. What a beautiful place to open up a small business! This is such a cute idea =)

  6. Just like the real candy shoppe! ;>

    They are so cute and my goodness that candy must be good for growth spurts or something. Look how tall they are.

    Is that gentleman standing there a dad? I do think so. Keeping it all in the family.

  7. How 'sweet' and enterprising of them. And such cute lookalike little blondies.

  8. Would that be M and Spencer (M and S?)
    They are doing a pretty good job...wish I could go past their stall!

  9. You have a beautiful, and enterprising bunch of grandchildren. I'd definitely stop along the road for a sweet treat if I happened by when the OPEN sign was out!

  10. Such a sweet post ... in more ways than one. If I were in the area, I would be sure to stop. Such an adorable little group of entrepreneurs.

  11. I have a sweet tooth, so I would stop by for a treat if I were near by!

  12. So cute! Reminds me of the "Po' Boy Snack" table our boys would set up when we had yard sales.They sold homemade cookies and coke or hot chocolate....depending on the season!It was fun for them even those who didn't buy anything from me, made a purchase at their table!

  13. Yaaay it looks like you finally have some summer sunshine to go along with a great summer pastime for the kiddos.

    I went over and took a peek at that new grandbaby of yours. Great pictures! Love the ones of you holding her with that gorgeous pink blanket! Was that your handy work Judy?

    Congratulations on your ever expanding are a very blessed woman!!!

  14. Great post! What fun they must have running their little store and what fun you must have observing it all.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson