Thursday, August 11, 2011

some things never change...

We met at the tennis courts yesterday afternoon...
for a round of tennis.

I was the first to arrive...
and had a chance to look around.

Not much has changed...
since I first learned to play tennis on these very courts when I was in high school.

The trees in the park are beautiful, old trees...
that were there in those days as well.

The courts have been re-surfaced over the years...
and are in good shape.

Then my tennis partner arrived...
and I put away the camera and pulled out my racket.

For the first time ever...
we were partners in tennis instead of opponents.

And guess what?
We make a good team!

We will be playing again...soon.

Sadly...some things do change!

A few blocks from the tennis courts is my old high school.

It was pink back in the day...
and known as 'the pink shack'.

Though I can't say I am fond of pink buildings...
it looked better in those days.

I thought I should take a photo for 'old times sake'...
since the old school is coming down.

Something bigger, better and more suitable will be taking it's place.
And I still thought of it as quite a 'young' school.
It is a 1950 model.
Tell me...
is that old?
No...don't tell me.

Time hurries on...
and things change.

Most things change!


  1. Well, Judy, at least they're taking it down. Around here, the old school is condemned and then turned into something else. Our former high school (we don't even have one anymore) is now our town office. Hmmmm...

    Glad that you two make a great team and I'm not surprised. You both look like active, fit gals who can still move. So the answer about 1950 is that it all depends. Everything's relative.

  2. Well,well,well...we have pink high school.building memories in common! My high school was built in the early 1920's, in Spanish style, with classic red tile roofing and thick adobe style walls.

    Right after I graduated in 1972 the tore it down and built a huge box with not a single window instead. Very modern.

    Did I mention the old building overlooked the Pacific ocean, being three blocks from the beach?
    Such glorious views, such fresh breezes totally blocked. I still feel betrayed when I drive past the new LJHS buildings.

    Tennis is still played by us classmates at the community center and tennis club...both of which look exactly the same as when they were built in the 1920s, saints be praised!

  3. You have my immense admiration for playing tennis. It's a game I never got the hang of.

    Numbers are just numbers. And playing tennis keeps you from feeling the number. As Vee says, everything's relative.

  4. Oh so sad about them wanting to take the school down. My grad year was in 58. She was almost brand new. We toured her 3 years ago and the now principal was braging about the upgrades they have made.

    We have been watching the tennis games in Argentina - would enjoy your matches.

  5. i caught up on a few of your posts this morning Judy. What lovely pictures of Minter Gardens. Glad to hear you had a nice time with your sisters and celebrating your nephew's marriage. Your high school looks to be in very good shape - it's wonderful that you're still playing tennis with a good friend! Have a great day!

  6. Good to know that not everything changes. The older I get the more it seems like nothing stays the same.

  7. Yes, things have changed over the years...but our friendship has grown with some new interests and challenges that keep us motivated and ready to support each other.
    If you say 1950' reveals our's just another significant milestone coming soon.
    My Mom graduated from that same school.

  8. I'm sure you and marge were good tennis partners!

    It is funny as I just posted a video on facebook that a friend sent to me of views of Brooklyn in the past. On it there was a photo of a man selling fruits and vegetables from a horse drawn cart, and I remember him! Times have certainly changed and we've seem quite a bit of history!

  9. Buildings come up and go down, but the sort of friendship that allows for opposition and partnership is something that endures.

  10. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that the school was being torn down. It's not really that old is it?! LOL.

  11. I know what you mean about your old high school. They closed mine down this year, too, permanently, and it was new in the 60's. I still think of it as modern. It's hard to figure with so many financial cut backs and teacher lay-offs why they are tearing down serviceable buildings...Maybe too many updates needed.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson