Thursday, August 21, 2008

here and now....

Vancouver is definitely to be has won a much coveted spot on the new Monopoly-Here and Now-World Edition.

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal will all be included in Hasbro's international version of their famous board game.

You may or may not recall that on February 16th I encouraged you all to cast your vote for my favorite city (Vancouver, of course)...and now I just want to thank you for all coming through for me. The cities that made it onto the board...and their positions...are a result of the votes cast by 5 million Monopoly fans. Montreal will be occupying the most expensive position (known as Boardwalk on the old version)...and let's just say that Vancouver is a step-up from Toronto. We like it like that! The game goes on sale in September. So thanks for helping put Vancouver on the board.

And also in the 'here and now'...the most expensive movie ever to be shot in Canada is being made here in our province right now. It is called Farewell Atlantis, and is based on a Mayan legend that the world will undergo a catastrophe in 2012 and come to an end. We met with a friend last night who is working on the movie...he builds models used in the shoots. He has been out to lunch with Danny Glover and John Cusack, who will be starring in the movie. Filming is set to begin shortly...look for the movie in theatres next summer.

Today looks like a good day to cook soup and bake bread! What happened to our summer? We have two little girls next door who are waiting to go camping with grammy and grandpa before school starts...and we're waiting for a few nice days.

Have a nice day...I'm off to cook soup!


  1. Good idea, soup on a rainy day. I made a big pot of hamburger soup last night, and we had soup and buns for supper. That's an easy meal, and there is plenty left over for a lunch or two. A coffee cup left outside yesterday is now filled to the brim with rain! Dairymary

  2. Yummy..soup, will you be posting that Judy? It's too hot here these days to want to eat hot soup, although it would really go well with the ham and cheese loaf I baked yesterday. As soon as it cools down I'll be hauling out the soup pot.
    Enjoy your soup..

  3. what "THE PEG" didn't make it, I am
    we have made movies here to and once in awhile we may be watching one and recognize our is kinda fun.
    i sure hope that you will post that soup recipe.;-)

  4. Yes for Vancouver getting a coveted spot on the Monopoly board!

    That movies sounds scary ....let's hope the Mayans were wrong!

    We're getting some cool Canadian air streams right now amd I'm enjoying it!

  5. Summer Savory and Bean Soup.
    What a perfect day.
    I saw the news about Vancouver on the game.
    I think there might be some renewed interest in the game.

  6. You'll have so much more fun playing Monopoly now!

    Interesting tidbit about the movie...doesn't John Cusack make his home in Vancouver? I remember a cyber pal saying so...she lives in Vancouver and would see him from time to time.

  7. That's cool about the Monopoly game. I am so looking forward to the cool weather and big pots of soup and curling up with a book and a big fire in the fireplace. I love fall and winter. I have had enough for one summer of all this high humidity. Ugh.

  8. Great spot for Vancouver. I shake my head and grin every time I think about Monopoly. My son always loved to play, and he still does. I used to lose on purpose just so the game would end. He never knew, but now when I tell him, he laughs at me.

  9. We have so many happy memories of a week spent in Vancouver before flying up to our daughter. a lovely city indeed.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson