Wednesday, August 6, 2008

salads and slushies...

Well, it's sizzling out I'm certainly not using my oven these days! It was 35 degrees Celsius yesterday (that's 95 to some of you)...and supposed to be warmer today.

I'm thinking the only appliances necessary in this kind of weather are the blender and the bbq.

By mid afternoon yesterday we were needing something cool and refreshing. I pulled out the bottle of Mott's pina colada mix and put about 3/4 cup into the blender...together with about 2 cups of ice, and 1/2 cup of pineapple juice. Blend until smooth...yield two refreshing pina colada slushies.

We sat in the shade of the front porch and enjoyed our almost felt like we were on vacation for a moment. Not so...there is hay to be made on the farm his week.

Our dinner was a Thai steak salad...a simple recipe featured in the most recent Martha Stewart Everyday Food newsletter. The steak was marinated in a Thai sauce...grilled and then sliced...and tossed with romaine lettuce greens, carrot curls and chopped peanuts. It was a fine one-meal salad on a hot summer day!

Salads and cold drinks...that's about all that's cooking at my place. Enjoy the heat!


  1. That slushie looks so refreshing and the salad..oh yum! Truly summer fare!

  2. Ah . ..the slushie and salad look wonderful. I made the mistake of turning my oven on yesterday . I baked banana bread and stuffed peppers. . .not so smart.

  3. Aah, I could use one of those just about now. It is 95 degrees here - ugh!

  4. loved your site...what a beautiful place!!!

  5. Those slushies look marvelous. If it ever stops raining and warms up, I'll have to give it a try. Would you believe that I had to start the furnace yesterday? Nan was soooo cold.


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