Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Olympic Dream...alive and well!

Yes...I am going to the 2010 Olympics! Yesterday was the day we were notified as to whether or not we had won the lottery...the ticket lottery, that is. Our bid went in at the end of October...and yesterday was lottery day. We bid on the opening & closing ceremonies and were unsuccessful in that regard...but managed to get tickets for both the figure skating and the speed skating events that we bid on. How exciting is that? Very!

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The Richmond Oval...our wonderful new speed skating about to celebrate it's grand opening. Tomorrow is the big day! But I will be waiting until February 26, 2010 to get a proper look...when I'll be there with the Olympic crowds to watch team pursuit speed skating (both men's and women's). It's a chance of a lifetime!

Jeremy (son) was overjoyed to hear he managed to get tickets to the men's semi-final ice-hockey game! He's planning to watch Team Canada in special would that be? He was unsuccessful in his other bids...but is very happy to have secured seats to hockey. friend is not such a happy camper today. After bidding on tickets at about a dozen venues...she came up empty. I feel so badly for you, Marg! Don't worry...there are still a few tickets available for the next round (you know, curling and such).

You know how it is with a lottery...some win and some lose. Here is Olympic committee's official explanation of why there were so many losers... "We had $345 million worth of requests, and the biggest period we'd seen before was the Salt Lake Games which did about $74 million. So we were over four times as large and in awe of the response of Canadians."

Oh yes...we are an enthusiastic lot here in Canada! And some were willing to pay quite a price to be a part of the 2010 Olympics right here at home. That's right...(in case you were thinking we won 'free' tickets to those events) we won the privilege to purchase rather expensive tickets, so we might truly get that Olympic experience!

For those of you who were not successful in your condolences. It may be a small consolation, but I will do my best to blog both speed skating and figure skating for you!

And now, back to Christmas festivities...that was a little gift I got to unwrap early!


  1. Congratulations!!!
    You know that I'm the looser, but just in case things don't work out, I'd pay extra....
    Have a wonderful day sharing your excitement and enthusiasm.

  2. Oh Judy. . .congratulations. . .how absolutely wonderful for you. My beloved and I were wondering how many scalpers there will be amongst those we know. . .I'm so happy you are actually going to see the things you hoped to see.
    My sadness for Marg too. . .I do hope she gets to see something. . anything.

  3. Alright! I'm glad for you and for Jeremy! Only a Canadian hockey fan can really understand that enthusiasm!

  4. Congratulations, Judy!!

    How wonderfully exciting. I will be looking forward to your blog posts on this exciting event.

  5. Way cool! If you had to lose out on opening and closing ceremonies, you, at least, got two wonderful events. Figure skating would be my favorite!

  6. Congrats on the tickets! It's so wonderful to hear positive things. So many sad things seem to be happening and I'm glad your family will be there cheering on. You deserve it.

  7. Oh wonderful, good for you guys. Wow what an opportunity!! I'm so jealous----
    Can't wait to read those posts.

    I've been enjoying your recent posts, they are all so interesting and fun to read about! I think if we lived close together, I'd like to hang out with you...your my kind of fun gal!

    Merry Christmas-

  8. Congratulations on winning the lottery .. even if you DO have to pay for your 'prize' ! smile..
    and the figure skating would be my favorite event!

    I'm sorry Marg didn't win.. I'll tell her so in person tomorrow ! smile..

    I enjoyed reading your Christmas memories too...

  9. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I have always wanted to attend an Olympics, and you got such great events.

    Maybe you can sneak Marg in. ;-)

  10. Oh that is terrific Judy. You will have soooo much fun. ... and the excitement is building for the games already. I am glad there is a 'bright spot' on the horizon for all of here to look forward too.

  11. How very exciting for you. I just love the Olympics, especially the winter ones!

    Ha! I see my sister(Knitting Mania) is trying to steal you as her friend :) She will just have to share. I think I found you first ;)


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