Thursday, January 1, 2009

in with the old...

It may be a new year...but we are celebrating all things old over here today!

First off...I would like to wish all of you, my OLD faithful blog readers...a most wonderful New Year.

This New Year's greeting was originally sent to Miss Lillian Arnold in 1907...mailed from New Westminster, B.C....over one hundred years OLD. It is one of many antique postcards in a collection I inherited as a child.

We rang in the New Year with OLD friends last night...friends that have been in our lives for a very long time. We have memories of celebrating New Year's with these same people many times in years gone by. And we couldn't forget an OLD tradition...we ate portzelky (New Years fritters) before watching the countdown to 2009.

And today we are celebrating someone who is now three years OLD!

Ryder had the good fortune to be born on New Year's there will always be a party on that date. It seems easier to get the family together on New Year's today we will celebrate Ryder. Ryder thought a polar bear swim would be a wonderful way to mark his birthday. It seems polar bear cubs prefer warm water...and the Grammy is in we are off for a morning swim with the family. By lunch time we will all be awake...and enjoy a birthday lunch. I have the cake ready to go...and even that is OLD. I made him a monkey cake for his first birthday...with the little banana cake being his own 'smash' cake. He has been asking if I could make him that cake once again. Why not?

What is new is the lovely blanket of snow that covers the world this morning. We're starting out with a clean slate...a new year waiting to be written. May it be a wonderful chapter on the journey.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy Birthday to handsome, smart, funny Ryder! His does make a very convenient birthday! (Sam will be three in two weeks and Jake will be two. I can't believe it!)

    Glad that you celebrated with dear, old friends. We had a quiet evening at home, but we did, at least, make it to midnight! :D

  2. Could I get any more exclamation marks?! Oops, guess that I can!! :D

  3. Oh Happy Birthday to your favorite grandson. . .what a sweetheart. I love that monkey cake and will certainly refer back to this post when I make a monkey cake for our little monkey. Love that smash cake idea too.
    All the best for that polar bear swim and have a fantastic year ..

  4. Happy birthday Ryder, You are THE MAN among all those young ladies. Have a great day!! Wow, that is a special cake.
    Love you,

  5. Happy New Year 2009! Thanks for the almost-daily photos and updates from your part of the world. Fresh snow again???? Now if only you get his much snow in early 2010!

    Happy Birthday, Ryder!

  6. a Happy Birthday to Ryder!
    I LOVE that card...and I love things old that have been treasured and preserved over the years... and what is worth treasuring more than old friends!
    Perfect !
    And yes the blanket of snow .... wasn't it beautiful ?
    Happy New Year, Judy!

  7. We did the same as you last night -celebrated with old friends, and one of them had a birthday. What a cute cake you made!

  8. Great photo's Judy, man that cake is impressive....Happy Birthday to Ryder.

    Still loving your snow up there...Thanks for your recent visit and your kind words my friend.

    Happy New Year---

  9. Happy New Year Judy! I feel privileged to have gotten to know you this year, and I look forward to another year of being your blog friend.

    Happy birthday to Ryder! The monkey cake you made is darling!

    Hugs, Pat


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson