Thursday, April 23, 2009

cookbooks and jewels...

Not one for vacation souvenirs are usually something useful! And what could be more useful...than a cookbook? Not to mention the hours of perusing pleasure it provides? On the final day of our Caribbean was mentioned that there were cookbooks available for purchase...which included many of the menu items we had been enjoying all week. Well, of course I wanted one...especially if it meant I could be eating that keylime pie at home!

The waiter brought me the cookbook...and asked if I would like to have the executive chef autograph my copy? Why of course! So he took the book back to be autographed...along with the receipt.

I was a little disappointed when I saw the autograph... ...but since Elmer paid for the is addressed to him. He...who has never cooked a thing that would require a has a cookbook in his name. Oh well, I'll get over it!

There are many yummy dishes that I plan to try...but I skipped right over to the dessert section and whipped up the key lime pie.

It's really very simple to prepare...and if you want to check out the recipe, I posted it right here today. I also tried out my new lemon zester that I picked up in Texas...and was quite pleased with my vacation treasures.

Jewels may not be exactly practical...but they are a wonderful keepsake. A blue topaz sailboat...a mystic topaz necklace...and a pendant containing several kinds of amber stones are my souvenirs of our time in the Caribbean.

But just to set the record straight...the very best souvenirs are the memories that were made...time spent with family in a tropical paradise. One of these days I may just post a picture of the souvenir we brought back for dad...who was unable to join us on our family vacation due to illness. He is still in hospital...and our hopes of a speedy recovery are just not materializing.

That's it for today...have a good one!


  1. Still in the hospital? This pneumonia bug really snagged on to your men this year...first Jeremy and now your father. Well the bug must let go! Still praying.

    Oh how I lauged to see the book enscribed to Elmer! =D You have a good sense of humor, Judy. Truth is, Elmer is benefitting a whole lot from his purchase.

    Wonderful pieces of jewelry, too. I particularly like the sailboat.

  2. laughed...some days I can spell...others

  3. I can imagine your disppoinment. But you have those wonderful recipes - I can't believe it - I guess it's good advertising for them to say you had it on the cruise.

  4. Perhaps Elmer will be inspired by this unexpected honor to try out a recipe or two???? We can hope can't we?

    Your Key Lime pie makes my mouth water...yummy.

    So sorry to hear your Dad is still struggling with that.

  5. While we were on vacation. . I said to Terry, I need to collect things from every trip. . like Judy does. . and then I tried to remember what you collect. . .and now I know. . something useful. Tell Elmer we look forward to dinner or dessert at least. . .

  6. I am prone to purchasing cookbooks on destination vacations, too. Maybe Elmer will be inspired to whip up a dish. ;-)

    I'm sorry to read that your father is still in the hospital. I'm still praying for him.

  7. Mmmm...key lime pie! I loved the ones we ate in Key West Florida where it was invented, and I bought a bottle of the juice to bring home as my souvenir so I could also make pies. I'll have to try the ship's chef's recipe..thank you Elmer...ah I mean!

    I have almost the exact amber necklace! I bought mine is Las Vegas. Everything you purchased is very pretty.

    I hope your Dad is improving seems he's been under treatment so long. Prays continue!

  8. Like Vee, I am not having a good spelling day ....I meant PRAYERS for your Dad will continue :-)

  9. Wow! Not only did you share your trip itinery with us, but you shared your purchases...what fun.
    Cookbooks are one of my very favorite purchases when on a memorable trip. Your Key Lime pie looks beautiful! Cookbooks and jewelry, great combo. You made good choices and it will be nice when you wear the pieces you will always remember your trip. Judy, I am sorry about your dad. That must be so difficult to go through. It is hard to see someone who was always so strong, now have to go through a time of weakness.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I will say a prayer right now.

    Your trip must have been wonderful. I too love to bring back a cookbook from my travels. The pie looks amazing!

    Mermaid Debbie

  11. That is funny...but the cookbook looks great! I love the jewelry too. You are right...the memories we bring back are what lasts!

    Stay Cozy, carrie

  12. The pie looks fabulous. I love the jewelry. Excellent taste in both areas, I'm sure. It's great that your family got to share in the trip. I will pray for your daddy.

  13. Well I can say that the Key Lime pie tastes every bit as good as it looks!
    I'm sorry to hear that your dad is still in the hospital - may that nasty bug leave him and may he breathe easily again.

  14. What great memorabilia of your adventure.

    I am sorry to hear that your Dad is still in hospital and so not well...pneumonia at that age is a tough thing...thoughts and prayers!

  15. Yummy looking pie. Great idea about collecting the cookbook from the trip. Giggling over your husband's autograph. So sorry Judy =)

    May your father regain his strength soon.

  16. Well we continue to pray for your father....That is so difficult.
    I love your jewelry. It's always fun to see the treasures of another country.
    I'm curious about the gift for your father.....

  17. I think you should challenge Elmer to actually follow one of those recipes in the book that bares his name rather than yours.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson