Tuesday, April 14, 2009

San Antonio ~ The Riverwalk and Alamo

The tour must go on! I've been home for a week...and most of my vacation photos are still unsorted on a memory card. So I am putting on my tour guide hat...and taking you to San Antonio today.

It was time to refresh our memories...and pay another visit to the Alamo. Why should we remember the Alamo today?

The Battle of the Alamo was part of the Texas Revolution that led to the formation of the independent Republic of Texas in 1836. Nine years later, Texas became the 28th state of the Union...leading to a series of events which ultimately made the United States the world power that it is today.

We heard the story in detail...how the defenders of the Republic of Texas were killed at the hands of Mexico's Santa Ana and his army, as they were holed up inside the walls of the mission at The Alamo.

More than 2.5 million people visit this site every year...and we were in good company. Interesting as it all was...I hope I won't be writing a test on my recently acquired knowledge of the Alamo!

I was more interested in strolling The Riverwalk... ...and I will have no trouble remembering the time spent there.

We decided to take a riverboat tour...and were so glad we did! Our operator was a wealth of information...and so very funny.

We passed under countless bridges...

...past new and historic buildings ...and learned a little about the people who make up this beautiful city...and the story of how The Riverwalk came to be.

A very long time ago, Spanish Explorers used this waterway to supply water to their missions. The river flooded its banks often...and caused untold damage. An architect named Robert Hugman proposed a plan that would turn the area into a beautiful urban park with apartments, dining, shopping, boat rides and walk ways lit with old-fashioned street lamps. He convinced city officials to go with his plan...and so his dream became a reality and San Antonio became a little Venice.

The waterway now serves as a road...for tourists, commerce...and even law enforcement.

The best of San Antonio...from shopping to restaurants...lies right along the Riverwalk. Once our boat tour ended...we knew exactly where we were going to have the ultimate afternoon snack along the river. We had seen guacamole being prepared right at the table...and what better place to experience the best of Tex-Mex cuisine than here?

We found a cozy table on the water...and ordered the guacamole salad for two.

Our server was more than willing to share her secret recipe...and so if you want to try the Riverwalk guacamole...I posted the recipe right here.

We so enjoyed our afternoon snack...right down to the last lick. We found out later that Boudro's Texas Bistro is famous for their guacamole...patrons make a meal of guacamole and skip the entree. We're so glad we found it!

This was the dessert we saw going out to other tables...and so we decided we should have one of those as well. I have no idea what it was called...but...oh, so good!

Oh yes...and when is the last time you have been serenaded as you had afternoon tea? If you ever have a chance to experience San Antonio's Riverwalk...don't miss it!

Tomorrow we are driving out to Galveston...and boarding the Voyageur of the Seas for a week of bliss in the Caribbean. A good time will be had by all!

Enjoy your day...


  1. Hi Judy, this is most interesting. I've just learned about San Antonio; never knew all this before. It looks pretty there, by the river. And the food pictures made me hungry! Dairymary

  2. Both of those dishes look tempting - but I have a weakness for guacamole, so I'll be trying that first.
    San Antonio is such a pretty city - you were smart to take the river tour!

  3. Thanks, Judy, for a picturesque tour of San Antonio. Next to Vancouver, it's my favorite city - both of them for the interesting scenery and for keeping downtown alive (and lively). This is how guacamole should be prepared (do not mash the avocado!). The dessert is a buñuelo with fresh fruit - kind of like a deep-fried tortilla covered with cinnamon sugar and traditionally made for New Years Eve. Very yummy!

  4. Thank you for the pictures of San Antonio. The Riverwalk is beautiful! How fun to be serenaded at afternoon tea. San Antonio looks like a lovely place to visit.

  5. Reading this post was better than looking at the National Geographic magazine. Now, I do want to see the Riverwalk someday. How beautiful! The scenery and the way the city is laid out, is so interesting. It is too near lunch time to be looking at the delicious platters of food that you pictured. Thank you Judy, for the history lesson, the pictures and the recipe.

  6. I enjoyed the River walk in San Antonio so very much when we visited San Antonio ... in the evening it was also so vibrant! Thank you for asking for the guacamole recipe -- it seems to have more avocado and less tomato than the one I make so I'd like to try it. It looks like the perfect meal to enjoy on a hot day!
    Was the dessert a churro? It's a fried cinnamon flavored dough that is usually sold in a twisted stick form, but maybe they also make it flat. How delicious!

  7. You shared the River Walk in San Antonio. I love the history that you share, because then if I'm ever close to those areas, I know it's worth it to take the time to view...Like Joshua National Park.
    Are you stiff?

  8. The riverwalk looks like a great place to spend the day. If I ever get to Texas I hope to include that in the trip. Thanks for sharing the guacamole recipe. I will be making that for sure.

    To answer your question on my blog - Jarts (aka Lawn Darts) is a game similar to horseshoes except you throw a large dart and aim to have it land in a plastic circle. Landing in the circle is worth 3 pts. and landing within one dart length from the circle is worth 1 pt. The first person or team to reach 21 is the winner. You may not be familiar with it as it was banned from being sold in the USA and Canada in the 80s. Even though the tip of the dart is not sharp apparently there were some injuries to children that resulted in it being pulled from the market.
    I guess I'm dating myself to tell about playing this game. :-)

  9. I want to vacation with you .. .we'll just follow you and not be a bother at all .. promise.

  10. Enjoying your trip photo's, what a wonderful trip.

    Well...my friend I have a SURPRISE for you at my blog....come see!!!


  11. What wonderful pics Judy..now I want to go there!

  12. Thank you for sharing these great pictures. I didn't get to go to the Alamo when I was there in March. I was at a meeting and couldn't get away. It looks like you guys had fun. The guacamole looks yummy.

  13. I've never had Texas on my list of places I'd like to venture to in the past. But after looking thru the pictures you've taken and reading the history I've now added it to my list! Your pictures are amazing!

  14. Oh I am so glad I stopped by this evening...just what I needed. With my tea in one hand I could relax, sit back and enjoy the tour. Thanks for sharing....can't wait for more!

  15. San Antonio is such a great party town! The Riverwalk is bound to make you feel festive all day long!
    By the by...the very best time to be there is at Christmas, when strings of lights dangle straight down from all the trees, and reflect in the river. Pure magic!

  16. Thank you for the lovely description of my adopted home town. You did a great job. This Friday is the beginning of Fiesta. It is a two week party in the heart of San Antonio. Please come visit us again.

  17. Hello there,

    I was just told about your website by my daughter and have been browsing all the recipe's etc, then came upon your "San Antonio" riverwalk piece. I live in San Antonio and it's nice to see people enjoying our city. If you ever have a longer time to spend, there is so much more to do and see in the area! For anyone who loves water slides and tubeing, you wouldn't want to miss the Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, just 20 min north of SA on the I35. There is a very large German influence in the San Antonio/New Braunfels/Fredricksburg area so there's a lot of food I don't have to "miss" :-) I'm a mennonite, born and raised in the Wpg MB area. Thanks for your website, very interesting and if any of your readers want to come and enjoy SA, I'd be more than happy to fill you in on anything they may want to see and do :-)


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