Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday reflections....

It was a long weekend, for sure...and so many things have happened since I last posted. Easter has been well-celebrated over church, at home and even at the hospital.

As I mentioned some time ago, my dad was unable to join us on our family cruise since he came down with pneumonia shortly before we were to leave. We were hoping that he would have fully recovered by the time we returned...but that was not the case, and just before the Easter weekend, he was readmitted to hospital where he is being treated once more for pneumonia. I was thinking I would bring him a few goodies for Easter...and what would make a more appropriate Easter basket for a hospital patient than one of the hospital kidney trays? I'm not sure he saw the humour in that...but I think the staff will!

We were up to visit him last night...and thought he looked somewhat better. He was even up to telling stories...but then...when isn't he?

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service yesterday morning...complete with a children's choir and worship led by my nephew, Jamison. After church, the gang came over for our traditional Easter dinner...followed by an Easter egg hunt. While we were getting the last of the food on the table...

...Ryder and Ranen found their spots and were waiting...not too patiently. It seemed Ranen's Daddy had been tied up...and had not yet arrived when we were ready to eat. Lisa decided we should start without the kids were hungry.

The meal was over...the grands were off playing...and we were enjoying coffee, when Jeremy managed to get hold of Kris by phone. We heard him telling his brother to hurry we were all tired of waiting and rather hungry. The minute he was off the phone...he decided we would re-set the table and pretend that we were all waiting for Kris to arrive so we could eat. I thought that rather absurd, since the dishes were all dirty...but the rest of the family over-ruled, and started running! Tim and Jeremy quickly washed and dried all the dishes...everyone helped re-set the table...and before you know it, we were ready for Easter-dinner-round-two! Emme and Spencer thought it was hilarious...Ryder and Ranen had to come back to the table...and by the time Kris arrived at the door, the play was ready to begin! Ryder called out, "Uncle Kris, I'm starved!" He quickly took his place...and we started Easter dinner...for the second time. The funny thing was that Kris never seemed to notice that he was the only one dishing out the platters got passed around the table. It was only when Ranen finally told him she had already eaten, that he looked around and noticed he was on his own!

We all had a good laugh...the kids went back to playing...and the hastily washed dishes were put in the dishwasher for a little further sanitation.

When things don't go as planned...we go with Plan B. The Easter bunny had made arrangements for an afternoon Easter egg a nearby lovely secluded garden. The Easter bunny, however, had not been watching the weather forecast...and there was no thought of hiding eggs outside as the skies opened and rains poured down! It was decided that our upstairs had many nooks and crannies...and would be the next best place for hiding eggs. Ryder and Ranen were banished to our bedroom...while the goodies were being hidden. It sounded like they were having way too much fun in I thought I better check up on them.

There's nothing quite like jumping on Grammy's bed...

...and it was even more fun when Emme got in on the action!

Although Baby Maelyn rather likes jumping as well...we thought it best they settle down for a bit.

Looking for eggs in bookshelves and under beds is not quite the same as finding them behind rocks and among grasses...but the grands had a fun time and didn't seem to mind one bit that it was raining outside!

What fun they had digging through their treasures!

Last year, Emme and Spencer opened a candy store on Easter Monday...and called Grammy to come shopping. I wonder what they are up to today?

Baby Maelyn didn't care much about the eggs...or the candies...but she sure loved to watch her cousins having fun. She also decided that she had done enough lying around at family gatherings...

...and will sit on her own from now on.

Easter 2009 is memories have been made...old traditions have carried on. The hope which is Easter goes on...and gives us reason to face tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Easter Monday...


  1. Well that looked like a lot of fun! We also had to scrap our outside hunt plans and hide the eggs inside. Son and DIL have forbidden chocolate, so the plastic eggs were filled with fruit gummies.

  2. I hope your dad makes a quick recovery - I'm sure he got a chuckle out of his unique basket :)

    Looks like the rainy weather didn't dampen the grands fun!!

  3. Judy . . thank you for letting us come and see your family fun. . it sounds great. I loved .. just loved the picture of the kids jumping on the bed. . .showed Terry . .and we both thought you were lucky they didn't go for a dip in the jacuzzi while they were at it. .
    Oh and the wee one sitting already? Goodness. . so fun.

  4. Judy, I love when you share family pictures. I like when laughter is included with family get-togethers. What memories you are creating for everyone. Looks like you all had a great time, even when the weather did not cooperate. Your grandchildren are so adorable!!

  5. Great post! I love the picture of all them jumping on your bed....
    What we don't do for our grandkids.
    I think we have Paska schmeared on every window and door.
    The sun is poking out.

  6. I just love this post, Judy. I admire your family's sense of humor and willingness to move to Plan B. Your Easter looked like a wonderful day for all members of the family. Although I am sorry to learn that your Dad is in the hospital again. However, I'm sure he enjoyed the unique gift you brought to him.

    Also, all of your photos are great, but I think the one of all 3 kids jumping on the bed and the one of Maelyn sitting on her own are priceless.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  7. The children look so happy and so adorable in their Easter finery, Judy, and it was a surprise to see baby Maelyn sitting up all by herself already!

    That was a fun joke played on Kris!

    Sorry to hear your dad is still ill --I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

  8. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful traditional day. I hope to have the family dinner and egg hunting next year. I was just to pooped from all my life activity here lately. Trying now to keep Meg off her feet, as baby Avey is trying to make an early entry.

    I loved the joke you pulled on Kris, and the grands and all there wonderful joy of the day. How truly blessed you are =)

  9. my stomach turned a weebit with the kidney many hospital visit and not once did i think of doing that, i guess i really lack some imagination....grin.
    i sure love your families sense of humour! you all looked like you were having fun.

  10. awww, the kiddies are SO cute! It was raining here too, but no Easter egg hunts were planned anyhow :) Good one on Kris too!

  11. You have a beautiful family and your Easter celebration looked like a lovely day had by all. Thanks for sharing.


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