Monday, April 20, 2009

daddy sang bass...

We all know Johnny Cash could really hit those low notes...and I still love to listen to him sing some of those oldie/goldies. But here's what you likely didn't know...I have my own 'Johnny'. Yup...he can reach those low notes as well! I just don't hear him singing nearly as often as in years gone by.

Some of my earliest memories of my hubby go back to the church choir that we once sang in. He sang tenor back in those days...and a good tenor at that. After high school graduation...he went away to school one winter...and discovered he was actually a bass. I'll never forget when he returned...and showed up at choir practise with full intentions of singing bass. Our choir director asked him to please sit with the tenors...but he replied it was bass or nothing. He held his ground...and has been singing bass ever since.

Here's a quartet pic I found in the files from some 37 years ago (hubby on the right)...

...and the funny thing is that same quartet is still called on to sing every so often. (The original baritone's son now sings in his place...and the first tenor has been replaced as well.) They jokingly call themselves the 'funeral quartet'...since they mostly sing at funerals!

Last night, however, they were asked to sing at a non-funeral event......and jumped at the opportunity.

If you look will may even find two guys that bear a slight resemblance to two on the top photo (extreme left...and extreme right).

The crowd was most enthusiastic...and some wondered if they'd be putting out an album soon! (Did I tell you most everyone there was over 50...and well beyond?)

Choirs and quartets seem to be a thing of the past...but it's good to hear the OLD quartet blending their voices once in awhile. I like hearing 'daddy sing bass'...well, I guess he's grandpa now!

Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor
Me and little brother would join right in there
Singin’ seems to help a troubled soul
One of these days and it won’t be long
I’ll re- join them in a song
I’m gonna join the family circle at the throne.

It's Monday...have a good one!


  1. My husband also sang bass in a quartet and mourns the demise of such groups. Often our dates would consist of going to an all night sing of groups such as the Statler Brothers, Blackwood Brothers, etc. He still frequently listens to their music and sings along! How fortunate for your husband to still sing with some of his original group. What fun. :-)

  2. I grew up with quartet music and some of my cousins continue to sing at some functions. I do enjoy their music and am always thrilled when I am attending a function where quartet music is involved. I would have enjoyed hearing the concert that your husband sang in. The Stattler's were my husband's favorite group.

  3. Judy. . that is so awesome and I think I might have known that too. . I wonder if we've even heard him sing. . at a funeral perhaps. . oh and when he went away to school that winter he sat on a pillow at the drivers seat. . .as the story goes. ..(this is all I knew of Elmer before I knew you. . that he called his mom for new pants. . tell that story Judy). .

  4. So fun to learn something new about your family! I love the old-time quartets...the blend of voices and harmonies is wonderful.

    Sometimes I listen to this station...All Quartets Radio.

    There has to be a lesson about Elmer's being a bass and not a tenor... How often are we trying to do something that we were not designed to do?

  5. I love any kid of choral music - big choirs, chamber choirs, quartets and trios. My sisters and I sang together for several years - funerals, weddings.... whatever. We still sing at any family get-together. Guess who played the guitar....

  6. A fun way to get to know you better, Judy. Even though quartets are something from the past, I think those who've sung in them have had a lot of fun! (this one still does, I'm sure- if you're allowed at funerals, that is)Some people just don't know hat they are missing.

  7. I would of loved to have been there...Oh well next time...
    There is always something special about hearing a men's quartet especially a bit more upbeat than 30 years ago.
    I'm going to schedule the quartet in advance....

  8. What fun! It must be nice to enjoy his singing.

    Neither I, nor my husband, can hold a tune much to our sorrow as we both love to sing. One day my husband had a headset on and only he could hear the music he was "singing" along to. I was upstairs and thought I heard him crying and ran down the stairs all upset at what I'd find. Yep -- his singing is that bad!

  9. I love quartets also. Growing up in the church we had some really great ones. It seemed like they had so much enthusiasm when they sang. I miss them. I must check on the station. I love the times at church when they have the Saturday night singing. How fun for your husband.

  10. I would have enjoyed listening to them. Glad you all had such a good time.


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