Monday, April 27, 2009

the professional driver comes of age!

Meet Gord...who we hope is having the time of his life today! We've known Gord forever...and I could share more than a few stories...but we still want to be friends when this day is over...and so I will keep it short.

Elmer (hubby) and Gord attended school together...and were both about equally fond of classrooms and text books! Most of their memories have absolutely nothing to do with studying...and a whole lot more to do with wheels. Early on, their adventures were on bicycles. Where the eastern hillsides are now being developed...they explored and found the shortest route down on two wheels. It wasn't long before they graduated to cars...and I still have fond memories of Gord's first car...a Corvaire. He was most generous about giving rides...and I'm sure my first visit to the A&W drive-in happened in that car. I also recall a MVA in downtown Abbotsford...involving that same Corvaire and Elmer's Pontiac. That one was a little hard to explain!

After the Corvaire, came the Camaro, a GTO, The Judge, and soon I lost count. The cars came and went...but in Gord's life it was always about driving. During the day he drove vehicles with many wheels...and many gears...and at night he had his cars.

Soon we were married...and Gord was in the wedding party...always the true friend. He came over often...and our kids called him Uncle Gord from the get-go. Many years passed, and Gord decided that maybe there was more to life than cars and trucks...and he found his soulmate. They settled down in our neighbourhood...and we have remained good friends through these many years. Gord comes to the farm often...and is always there if we need a helping hand (or a professional driver)...and our granddaughters called him 'Gerd' from the time they began to talk.

We have travelled to many places together (Guadeloupe and Haiti, Scotch Creek, the Sunshine Coast, the Olympic Peninsula, the Oregon Coast, and the Gulf name a few) and have many good memories of our times together. Gord has been a true friend...through the ups and downs of life.

Today he turns sixty! He must be planning a very quiet celebration...since we have not heard a thing about it. But just to be sure that the occasion does not go by un-noticed...feel free to send Gord your best wishes.

Gord...wishing you many blessings today and in all the miles that lie ahead!

Happy sixtieth!


  1. A good friend is one of life's greatest gifts. I can't imagine that your friend 'Gerd' could be upset by such an upbeat, car-oriented tribute! I hope he has a grand day.

  2. He sounds like a true friend indeed if he can put up with being called "Gerd" by the grands. Ha! So you always have a limo at your service? How cool is that! A happy birthday to your friend!

    As for the grands knowing where the volume button was... They didn't. They did know how to turn the system on and how to open the drawer for the cd, but they missed the lesson on volume control. Ha!

  3. Happy Birthday Gord. I remember him from way back, always smiling, joking and laughing.
    I love the photo.
    I'm sure you and E would know how to put some zip into that mans' life.

  4. Ha!? What is wrong with me? Two "ha"s in one comment. Ha! Oh no, there I go again.

  5. Boys and their cars. It is nice to see Gord travelling in style. . appropriate for a gentleman his age.
    Happy Birthday Gord.

  6. What a nice tribute to a good friend. I think it is pretty special to still have around ones high school friends in the same neighborhood no less.

  7. Give our greetings to Gord. We wish a very happy birthday!!!
    Pierre + Ute + Marc

  8. Happy 60th Gord! Wow, that's hard to believe. I don't want to scare you but the next big one is 70, with a pleasant jump midway.

    Have a wonderful day. We wish you God's blessing for today and in the years ahead.
    Vern & Martha

  9. Happy 60th, Gord! A smiling face and helping hands are welcome everywhere, and God has blessed you with them.

  10. What a nice birthday wish for your friend.

    Happy 60th Birthday to "Gord"!!!

  11. Wonderful tribute to a great family friend of yours. Nice pics too. I am sure he is thrilled with the reminders of the day and age!!!

  12. Since I live with a guy who has had cars in his garage and on his mind since he has been old enough to walk, I can understand the two men you posted about. Now I think that black car is a mighty fine car, and would be the perfect thing(next to my husband's ultimate dream car...A Cobra) to help Gord celebrate his big "60". Friends like him are gifts from God, to help make our lives on this earth more enjoyable. Happy Birthday Gord!! Hopefully, there are some more fun vehicles in your life the next few years.

  13. Yes, Happy 60th Birthday Gord ! He is married to my cousin and my spouse & children have always enjoyed our visits with them.

  14. How wonderful to have a dear friend so long, to share so many memories with. I hope Gord had a very happy 60th birthday! My husband will also be turning 60 soon ..we have a party in a restaurant planned to mark the occasion.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson