Wednesday, April 29, 2009

music and art in my backyard...

I'm not one to go to art shows...or world-class musical productions for the most part...but when the opportunity arises right in my back yard...I take it all in!

Out in the country...not far from our farm...a sculptor has been very busy over the past while. Last year...I took you over to see his eagles. Since then...he has completed a huge work of art which dwarfs the eagles...a Chinese Imperial water dragon.

Rather about 35 feet in length and 12 feet tall...and consisting of more than 12,000 individual pieces. This humungous work of art was unveiled at an open house over the I stopped by to take a peek. Oh's for sale for $10,000,000 (count those zeros)...but peeking and snapping photos are free!

I had another 'creative art experience' over the that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. It was a black-tie event that was not advertised to the public...a fundraiser for the Mennonite Educational Institute.

Ben Heppner performs at the most world's most celebrated venues...but on Saturday night he was part of an intimate concert at the Grand Ballroom of the Wall Centre in Vancouver. The concert was dubbed "Songs from the Heart"...and included performances by Vancouver Chamber Choir, Pacific Mennonite Children's Choir, MEI Chamber Singers, and Festival Orchestra. It was an evening of wonderful music...with the highlight being the world-renowned tenor...Ben Heppner.

He sang a few pieces in that he normally sings in the fifth hour of an opera performance...and a few traditional songs. The grand finale was the performance of How Great Thou Art...sung by Ben Heppner...together with the three choirs and orchestra. It was music that touched the soul!

I was thinking that a little art...and a little music...go a long way in brightening up the day!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. The dragon is beautiful - probably even more appealing to someone who likes lizards! It will be interesting to see who buys it. We may hold you responsible to let us know who the buyer will be.

  2. I'm trying to imagine the garden that would suit that dragon - but then it will most likely end up in the courtyard of a grand place like the Wall Centre.
    I can imagine that the night of music was inspiring - lucky you!

  3. That dragon has a real story. I will be sending this link to a friend. It's his uncle. Funny eh?

    Music fills the heart and to hear music of that capacity is rare in our end of the woods.
    Next time I hope I can see the opera singer!
    Hey, I like my word verification today. bearg

  4. Now that sculpture is really something. Excellent pay for a year's (???) work!

    Must Google the singer and see if I can find a recording of his music. I want to hear something that touches the soul this morning.

    Have an excellent day, Judy!

  5. i keep seeing these from the hwy on my way to work. thanx for sharing the pictures

  6. A little culture in our lives is a good thing.

    I would have enjoyed the music. We need to take more time to do things like that.

  7. I do hope the dragon becomes public art somewhere! It is too magnificent to not make it available to one and all.

    Your header could be sold as a magic mood lifter! And a walk through those fields could make even the most somber person want to dance and sing.

  8. I think it is a good thing to complete my blog post, I can't imagine beginning to create a dragon of that piece at a time. The concert sounds to me like a very special privilege on your part, to attend. The last song must have been a breataking experience. "How Great Thou Art" is one of my all time favorites.

  9. I listened to part of that performance on Julie's blog. (video) It brought back memories of MEI days and following our kids around in their performances. What a great opportunity for the younger vocalists.
    It will be interesting to find out where that sculpture ends up.

  10. That dragon is amazing. . .really quite a work of art..
    Clearly I missed hearing about this concert. . you and Julie both were there. . .and both say it was wonderful. . glad you had such a good time.

  11. The art work is amazing although I couldn't quite figure out what the dragon was sitting behind the trees from my view from the freeway. Quite a talent to create something like this and deserves a place of honor somewhere, like in Chinatown perhaps?

  12. That dragon is indeed a work of art. I would be curious to see who buys it and where they put it. Your evening of music sounds like it was very inspiring. Art & music certainly do add richness to our lives.

  13. The dragon is absolutely stunning. It must be really fabulous in person. You always have the most interesting things going on. I really enjoy your posts, Judy.

  14. Now that's some dragon! Wow and check out that price tag.

    Sounds like your day was full of culture Judy...

    Keep us in your prayers down here in CA. We just had our first confirmed case of "Swine Flu" in the county next to our. :/

    We might be heading to MT sooner than we think if this virus spreads and shuts down everything around us...geesh!

  15. I know Ben Heppner has sang at The Met here in NYC but I believe he sang mainly Wagner's operas which we have not been brave enough to watch as yet. He has an amazing voice! You were so fortunate to see him.

    The dragon is stunning. I wonder who will buy it and where it will be displayed?


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