Tuesday, April 21, 2009

quite a card...

I like to have a supply of cards on hand...so that I'm not running around last minute...searching for that perfect card. I keep a box of cards...filed by occasion...all ready to go. My card stock got quite a boost over Christmas...when I received a very special gift from my sister. We have a tradition of making gifts for each other...but as the years roll by...we run a little short on ideas. She came up with a great one...and I so appreciate it!

Kathy is the maker of beautiful cards...and we are often the recipient. This time...I received an entire box of her trademark cards...some for every occasion.

Over the weekend...I was reminded that I needed to send a card to a friend who needs a little encouragement. Off I went to my 'card storehouse' to find the perfect one.

And here's the thing...where it would normally say "Hallmark" on the back...it is blank. The recipient has no idea that my sister spent hours making the card...and likely thinks I am the crafty one. My attempts at making cards have mostly involved gluing a photo onto card stock.

Let me introduce you to another gal who is quite the cardmaker...

...that would be my cousin, Nancy, who lives in Calgary. (Sorry, Nancy...I know the picture wasn't taken yesterday!) Nancy was flowergirl at my sister's wedding a very long time ago...and so I just pulled a photo from the archives. If you check out her blog...Nancy Drew~Scrappin' Sleuth...you will be sure to find some of her favorite card creations. If you are into card making...there's an endless supply of ideas over there.

As for me...I will count on others to be so crafty. I'm off to play with pictures on Shutterfly!

Have a great day...


  1. Oh I do admire girls that spend hours on scrapbooking. .but I learned from your . .what shutterfly can do .. . and I love how simple and non messy it is. .Thank you Judy.

  2. I got quite the shock when reading your blog and I see a picture of me. I had to show the girls...they had no clue who it was.

    Kathy makes beautiful cards...far better than mine. And what a great gift idea.

    I also know we have another card-maker in the family, Pat.

    The Baerg's are sure blessed with creativity.

  3. I have a card habit - must confess! I'm always picking up unique or interesting or funny cards, just to have them on hand. I love to receive a handmade card - my DIL makes beautiful cards....they're 'keepers'.
    Shutterfly......I've already been there this morning....a new habit. Thank you, Judy!

  4. I love to create cards and have done many for gifts over the years. It is a very time consuming gift, and it is obvious you are special to your sister. What fun to have homemade beautiful cards to send to friends. I like your cousin's website...thank you.

  5. Those are some lovely cards that your sister made for you to use, Judy! I also liked Nancy's blog site.

    I have hundreds of rubber art stamps but I haven't used them much since I began blogging. It was a fun, creative and relaxing hobby, though, so I should get back to doing it again.

    I also like Shutterfly to make up photo albums. We're lucky to have so many different mediums to work with!

  6. I don't make cards, but I sure do admire the talents of those who do. Your sisters cards are lovely and such a thoughtful gift.

  7. Those are beautiful cards Judy..nice gift! Card making is not my specialty..

  8. That was a beautiful gift Judy.

  9. A hand made card is a treasure indeed. What a lovely gift to receive a set of them. Your family seems to be very creative!

  10. It is one of my goals to try Shutterfly. I's sure it would be a lot of fun once you figure out how to do one...and probably less expensive than scrapbooking.

  11. It's fun to receive customized card, but I'd rather play in the sun now...and I'll leave Shutterfly do the work..
    101, Here we come!!!

  12. Talented gals! I tried to break into the scrapbooking/card-making scene, but just lacked the talent required.

    This was one very thoughtful and creative gift from your sister.

  13. Beautiful cards and a great idea for your gift. So neat

  14. I'm a total card nut! I still like to write notes and send a fun cards to friends and family.I hope all our emailing, facebooking, blogging, and twittering doesn't stop us from writing personal cards to one another!

    Oh btw, your "wristlets" were sent out last Friday, be on look out for them...


  15. What a lovely gift from your sister! The cards are beautiful!

  16. Wonderful !! That's really Awesome
    Enjoyed reading it


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