Thursday, April 30, 2009

what next?

It wasn't so long ago that I sat at a red light...behind a sassy little car...and realized I was being sent a message... ...right across the top of the license plate.

Now I'm not really sure what the message was...since I was too busy looking for my camera...and then the light turned green.

The scrolling digital licence plate frames are the new high tech version of yesterday's bumper stickers...and slightly easier to change on a whim, I would think. I'm hoping that the message for today will read, "Go...Canucks...Go!"

I was in the big city on the weekend...and had a bite to eat at a lovely new Cactus Club Restaurant. The food and service were great...but it's the restrooms that really made an impression! I thought I had walked into a showroom when I entered the ladies room...

...and on the door of the washroom stall was a flatscreen TV for my viewing pleasure. Well, I think it was more about the advertisements that were flashing across the screen than about keeping me entertained! It looks like they were trying to sell me a car...but I never bought in.

I don't know about you...but I'm OK without all the techno gadgets. Do we need televisions in restroom stalls...or flashing bumper stickers?

Do they still make blackboards and chalk? I kind of liked the good old ways.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Wow! Very innovative over there in your corner. How distracting! But then, on the other hand, I have always wanted to send other drivers messages...mostly ones like this: get off my tailboard! ;>

  2. I've yet to see one of those - very distracting. You know, I think I can manage without flatscreen in the ladies' room. Of course there are times when I'd love to wallow in a deep bubble bath while watching Sense and Sensibility or French Lieutenant's Woman, but that is something else altogether!

  3. Flat screens in the bathroom?
    Oh, my that's why I was hollering at you and you would not answer...
    There were not only flat screens, completely sound proof.
    Imagine that, a sound proof toilet.

  4. Amen sister. Especially scrolling billboards on the highways and freeway. So easy to get distracted.

  5. So funny! I have often considered putting a wipe off board in my car but have never actually done it. I remember mouthing to someone "Your tire is low!" But I think they thought I said. "You are going too slow" judging by the reaction they gave me! A wipe off board would have been easier to understand. I am not quite ready about the tv in the stall but then your word verification letters below say "educarma" so I guess it was a post to educate!

  6. Judy . . I always love your posts .. .I feel like we could have been reporters together . the day. .
    Oh well .. I haven't yet seen the digital license frame yet. .and it sure will never be on my car. . since my beloved removes every emblem never mind adding new gizmos.

  7. Some friends and I were just talking last evening about all the video screens out the grocery line, at the bank, and now in the bathroom stalls. We are way too overstimulated with constant noise and images, is it a "conspiracy" to keep us from listening to our own thoughts in peace and quiet, or even from knowing how to form a thought of our own? That's a bit hyperbolic, but really, there is no need to be so constantly connected to whatever someone else wants us to see and here. We need time with ourselves now and then, and with God.

    Sorry for the rant! Didn't mean to do this when I started to comment, but decided to leave it as is.

    Enjoy your Thursday and the weekend is coming!

  8. I was just ondering if you always have your camera on you. You are so ready. Reporters Judy and Lovella - you can still do it - if you're looking for something else to do. =)

  9. I am with you Judy, give me a good old fashioned chalk board, and I will convey my message to you. It scares me to think what message I might read on some of the license framed messages in our town. Must admit though, I am thinking of a few messages I might share with this method. I never experienced a flat screen TV in a restroom. Interesting post.

  10. I think flashing lights anywhere on a car would be a real problem, distracting anyone driving behind.
    Give me the good old days!

  11. It can all seem a bit much at times...sigh! It would be good if we could take in the good and delete or at least put on pause the bad or distracting. At least in our own homes we can make those decisions. Somehow in public it seems to be imposing or rude.

    I personally can't stand to go shopping for that reason. Too much input.

  12. Oh you make me laugh Judy. I have such great great shots of my friends in the Cactus club washroom....more like a lounge I would say.

    But messages on cars? Good grief....I am thinking those can cause accidents!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson